2011 started busy and still is

So just like that, first quarter of 2011 has just past.  Is the time faster this year? Or its just me drown with office work and this and that….Ok, It must be me. hehehe….What am I thinking?!

I have to slow down and review what have I done these past three months.  What I did in my free time if I have some.  did I watched enough Korean TV (English sub) series or  any of my favorite TV series, did I make time for my nails, did I find time to read a book or two, did I have a chance to travel already? So many questions, this surely be a long  and pic heavy post.  A fair warning.  Sit back and I will bring you my life this first quarter of 2011.


My stash collected last quarter of 2010

These are my accumulated stash that are not yet featured here.  I have used most of them and taken some documentary pics of some.  These polishes were almost bought or given to me during Christmas season.  I have some new nail art brushes too and I am learning how to use them.  It is a slow pace but I am learning.  I made a promise not to buy until the end of the first quarter.  I think I fulfilled that promise.  Except for the two seche and 2 sally Hansen I bought.  I feel it should not be counted because they are top coats. (hehe) I have tried some nail art, some are quite cute and others are just funny horrible.  But well, all of them are part of my learning curve.  Thus, every design I created are all my master piece.

Nail art brushes, nail art pen and stickers my new toys...

My journey in finding the perfect top coat.......I also tried Fast forward of China Glaze


first design using brush......it looks like it was drawn by a kindergarten hihi

I heart.....Love your own creation...My motto

abstract .....simple and simple......

My first time using nail stickers....Easy to use and really cute.....

TV Series

The best looking couple in dramaland.....

My Princess, stars Kim Tae-Hee and Song Seung-Heon. The best looking couple in drama land perhaps.  The story is really for movies, not so believable but I love the artists and I want to watch Cinderella type stories.  She is not a typical princess and their relationship is not sugar coated.  And the best part of it all is that the lead couple are so beautiful that just watching them on screen, I am already contented.  The story may be fantasy but the princess’ reaction and actions are so human and you and me can relate.

Mystical effect as the story also goes.....Love love love

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, stars Lee Seung-Gi and Shin Mina.  It is some kind of a Korean tale.  In the story you will learn some Korean folklore and beliefs.  The story is very well made.   The writer of this series is my favorite, the Hong sisters who also wrote for the script of My girl, Fantasy couple, You are beautiful and Delightful girl Chun-Hyang.  As expected the story is full of comedic banter between the two leads.  They are both pretty and pleasing to watch.  I specially watched the series because I like Seung-Gi’s personality.

I also update myself with my two favorite English series.  Bones and NCIS. I am far behind with both shows so I watched 2 episodes per night.  I also tried watching glee.  Maybe I am getting old and their show is not my league…..


These days reading materials that creep up my library are mostly inspirational and short.  When I look at the books I collected, it also shows my journey and my aging.  I still read Archie comics but not as much as when I am in grade school.  The latest book I am reading is Have a little faith. I am not yet done.  The book make you reflect about death and beyond.  What would be my response if  someone did ask me to do their eulogy.  It is written by Mitch Albom. Also the one who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie. The first page is quite a big block.  Get me into thinking of  deaths and funerals. So for now I hope I will have a little more faith to finish it.   I usually read to make me sleep fast, but when I am already tired sleeping fast is not a problem anymore….hehehe….so I am late to finishing my readings. Hehe.


Chocolate Hills in Bohol, According to legends two giant fought and throw mud ball at each other and later became many many hills now known as chocolate hills

Potipot Island in Candelaria, Zambales

In support of Wow Philippines I visited two beautiful places of the country.  I fly to the  Island of Bohol and see several beaches and their trademarked Chocolate Hills. I also went to   Potipot Island in Candelaria, Zambales.  This time with my LPCI finance buddies.

Bohol is located in the middle part of the Philippines.  It is 1 hour away from Manila via airplane.  My trip to Bohol is a family affair.  I am with my two cousins gina and glenda, aunt helen, beautiful niece samantha and my forever love mother letty.  We make use of manong Johnny’s touring service.  He  organize our itinerary and booked our hotels and provide for our ride around the island. If you want to avail of Manong Johnny’s touring service which I can guarantee is  the best you can contact him via his mobile, his number is (+63) 9228213055.  You can customize your tour just tell manong johnny what you want.  On our First day  we had our country side tour.  This tour includes the visit to Sagbayan Peak, Chocolate Hills, Butterfly Garden, Tarsier Visit, Python visit and some churches. Our Second day is all about water.  We watched dolphines, do some Island hopping and visit the virgin Island, Pamilacan Island and of course we also went to Balicasag Island and do some snorkeling.  Amazing…..Earth is beautiful.  Third day we went to Bee farm and learn about bees and have a very nice and delicious . Then the best part of a trip shopping.  This trip not only let us see the beauty of Bohol but also binds us more.  Traveling with family is great.  The surroundings became more beautiful with your love ones with you.

Philippine Tarsier. Almost synonymous to Chocolate Hills in reference to Bohol

Bohol River Cruise....lunch on board

Virgin Island in Bohol

Bohol Beach club and their cute cogon huts

Still in Bohol Beach club with their colorful hammocks

Yummy yum yum....The red rice......

This is in Bee Farm, The flowers are edible...not just for garnishing.....

My niece Samantha, having a grand time running and playing with water and sand.....She loves Philippines......

Family that travels together stick together...And yes we love Bohol

Potipot Island, is where our department held our annual summer outing.  It is a five hours drive from Manila visa NLEX and SCTEX.  We start our travel at 2:00 AM and  by 7:00AM we stop by Iba, Zambales for our breakfast and some last minute marketing.  By 8:00 AM we were at the resort and we are getting ready to ride the bangka for another 15  minutes to the Island.  Wow this is Paradise.  Our trip there is timely, not many visitors that time, I feel that the whole Island is ours.  You can circle the island in 30 minutes.  Yes that how small the Island is, but it is really beautiful.  I want to go back there with my family.  I so love it.

  I cannot believe there is such a place this heavenly near Manila…..I will be back…..

beautiful and clean blue sea....This is SUMMER is all about

The big strong tree that gave us shade.....We set up our picnic nearby

Finance gals in not so serious mode....

The next TOUGH models.....hahaha

take 2....Now feeling Venus Rah in a major major way.....

Minus the monkeys....hehehe........This dried tree was there way way back.......the islander cannot remember ......

The resort where we stayed overnight....Convenient and the staff are friendly

The kubo where we played Bingo.....We are the loudest guests of the resort that time.....sorry to our neighbors......we cannot help it.

Again meet the LPCI Finance group.....Having fun under the sun......

Korean TV series: Personal Taste


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