Dots and dots inspired nails

Hello World!!!

Who have  heard the song Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow polka dot bikini?  I am sure many.  This song is usually played during Sundays.  Why did I suddenly mentioned it? It is because of my featured nail art.  I compiled these and finally made time to write about them. I wore this last December. Dotting is so basic yet when mixed and placed in strategic position they are so cute and beautiful.  I also would like to show you my dotting tools.  These tools are  so helpful and very flexible.  Colorful too.  I bought them from Nail Art Avenue. See for yourself and enjoy.

I used face shop for the base

Traffic lights is it not?

Nyx for the base. If I remembered right, this is algae.

The white dots with yellow looks like sunny side up for breakfast.

Sweet and simple

Jacorste for the base

My ever reliable dotting tools

These are very flexible tools

You can create whatever design you can imagine.....

My simple valentine nail

Hello World!!!

It is February once again.  It is the time of the year when hearts are everywhere.  The malls are full of hearts decoration.  I want to blend in.  What better way to blend than painting my nails with little hearts.  Hihi….This is my first try drawing cute hearts.  I am happy with the result.  I am definitely improving in my art.  I used orly rock candy and china glaze ruby pumps.  I used three coats of rock candy.  I like rock candy, my nails looks like a sparkling marble and it is easy to apply too.  It glides perfectly.  Look for yourself and I sure do hope that you will enjoy it….

The two featured polish

Perfect combination!!!

Orly Rock Candy

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Ready to love......

and be loved.....hehehe.....Happy heart's day everyone!!!

L.A. Rock star really rocks!

This is one of my old polish.  I bought this in Singapore. That was in 2010.  I kind of pick this up today because I am in the mood to rock.  I know this is just only one of the many rock star collection of L.A. girl.  I think this came out 2009.  Hahaha!!! See how late this post.  Still, I am sure glad I have this.  It is called supernova.  It is really superstar!!!  Enjoy.

look at the glitters....It rocks!!! This is two coats. Formula is just right. It is easy to apply for a black polish.

I love this pic!!! I took this while in the cab enroute to our dentist this morning.....

There is always something you can do....Imagine taking this pic in a cab....I know the sunlight would create this love love

Nail Art (Christmas): Blue sparkle

Hello World!!!

Another long weekend for us this week.  I am not complaining, I actually love it.  It is a perfect time to recharge and relax.  A time to do one happy activity for me.  That is nail painting and making an attempt in creating wonderful nail art.  I want to have a theme this time.  That is Christmas.  It is one season that is most festive, happy and colorful in the Philippines.  It starts as early as September and ends after three kings.  It is a time of many family reunions and gathering.  A time to reconnect with old friends and also celebrate with recent  acquaintances.  No question that it is really a happy time.

I am meaning to post about my recent travel adventures, but I do not know why it is taking me so long in organizing and grouping my pictures (there is so much, mind you!).  So for the mean time I will just share to you my Christmas themed nails.  I call it Blue sparkle.  Christmas season is always  sparkling and so that is a cue for me to bring out my glitters and use it.  If you can notice my left and right hands have different design.  That is because I am experimenting.  I did my left hands first and I put flowers.  Then on my right hand I said why not make it look line a nectar.  Hehe…..Ok here is it and enjoy.

Materials Used

Nail art brush and dotting tool


If there is such a thing as silver poinsettia

Improving and loving it!!!

Playing with Fun IP plates

Hello World!!!

I cannot help it, I need to play more with these image plates.  When I saw this in Fab Ur Nails FB album I keep on dreaming of them haha.  It was out of stock then.  Then they said that it is coming in two weeks and the stocks were only limited and they will prioritize those who pre-ordered.  I still queue and filled out their order form hoping that they will have extra.  I did not received any response from them.  I thought that I will not going to have it.  Then Fab Ur Nails announced that anytime they will be sending the invoice for lucky  buyers.  I am hoping that I will also receive an invoice from them.  And yes they emailed me.  I am so happy.  And now I want to play with it.  One thing I learned though, the designs are big.  They fill my nails.  But still they are all pretty.  And here are my nails.  I want to try all designs but opted for six to fill my ten little nails.  Here it is, enjoy!!!

four wonderful plates from Fab Ur Nails

Fab I: There is Mickey and Tweety and a girly skull.

Snoopy and Hello Kitty and there is also the sun and stars from our flag

Minkey again and the famous Ninoy's eye glasses

Betty Boop and plants and zombies

My left hand

My right hand

Look at the design. They transfer well.

Just pardon my messy application

Tweety so pretty

Yes, this should look better in red or dark pink outline....

really defined right?

High five friends!!!

Nail art: Power pop nails

Hello World!!!

Travel post has to wait a little bit.  I am more exited to post my nails this week.  This is another polish I bought in Vietnam.  It is a very pretty green.  Again, I am very pleased with its application.  The formula is not runny a little bit thick but just enough for easy application.  The color pop out but not loud (hehe).  I also love it in my hands.  I am morena (truly Filipina) and the color kind of blend with my skin tone.  What more is that this polish is really cheap.  I only bought three polish from that line because I just want to try it first.  Next time I will be in Vietnam I will hoard on this; now that I know that it is good.

Another reason why I am exited to show you my nails is my new plates.  I bought this from Fab Ur Nails.  They created four really wonderful plates.  I used Fab II plate the power pop design.  If you do not have their plates yet do visit their Facebook account here and better get yourself one.  The creator of the Fun IP plates also have a blog with great nail art.  Check it out here.  Then, I am inspired to do more on my nails.  I remembered that I haven’t played with my new dotting tools yet. I bought it from Nail Art Avenue.  The dotting tools have different dotting size and so you can play with and experiment with more design.  Ok so without further ado my power pop nails.

Look how green it is

Really love it

Look at the color. It really looks like that in person. The camera is not lying.

I like looking at my hands with this green polish.

Lets give credit to credit.

Then I have to practice my art

This is one of the fabulous plate from Fab Ur Nails

Isn't this plate amazing. There is snoopy and hello kitty and also the stars of our flag.

My Power pop nails

I had fun playing with my plates and dotting tools.

NOTD: Bright red polish with yellow and green nail art = Attractive

Hello World!!!

This will be a short post.  I just want to show you my nails this weekend. Look how bright this red polish is.  Then it looks more bright because I added yellow flowers.  I like it.   Actually, I have a nail art book and there is one design I wanted to replicate.  This is the result.  I will not show the original since it does not look like it…..Hahaha.

I just came from a trip.   I joined our company Lakbay Vietnam.  I will post about it later.  I have a lot of organizing to do.  So, be warned that my succeeding posts will be mostly about my recent travels.  My adventures and misadventures.   I again learn something new and in the process  broaden my horizon with travel.  I really love to traveling.  I wish I have a lots lots lots of money to be able to see the world anytime.  Hehe.

The red polish I bought from Vietnam.....The bottle has a bee so maybe Bee is the brand

This is the polish bottle. I cannot read the manufacturer it is in vietnamese alphabet.

This polish is surprisingly easy to apply and the formula is quite nice too.

What is best about this polish is that it is so affordable. It is only 11,000 Vietnam dong around 22 to 25 pesos. Not bad right.

Ok, so this is what I am trying to replicate. See how far my actual nail look....hehehe......This look so simple and easy but still I cannot follow......More practice I guess and should use the right brush.

Nail Art: Paint Splatter nails

Hello World!!!

Happy Sunday everyone.  Today I will show you a nail art that I tried to imitate from Thiamere’s blog  on beauty stuff and what else.  It looks easy enough for me that I tried it immediately.  I am not wrong, It really was easy and being random is the game.  But well it is not perfect and as to my creation it is not random  hehe.  I am trying hard to fit as many splatters on my small nails.  Only three can fit but I still love it.  Nail art is really enjoyable and happy activity for me.  Good thing that there are so many bloggers who are very talented and very considerate enough to post tutorials for people like me.  These bloggers are very imaginative and their imagination they can create it and make it reality.  I am envious of their talent and at the same time grateful that I have them to inspire me to practice nail art from their creation.  Hehehe…..I will just post pictures of it for you to see it for self.  Enjoy!!!

Materials used

Nicole Fanatical Fuchshia and Make U Smile

Hello World!!!

Happy weekend everyone.  Are you doing something special and  kakaiba this weekend? I just hope that with all activities planned the weather will cooperate and everyone will have a great time.  Me, no exciting activities planned.  I am even trying to avoid it…..Hehe.  Its my laundry.  It is piling up like Mt. Apo,  I need to wash them this weekend.  No more procrastination please!  The consolation for my sanity is the thought that I will have an upcoming wonderful trip…. Yipee!!!….I am energized again…..

Now with my feature nail polish.  I will show you Nicole’s Fanatical Fuchsia and Make u Smile.  I bought this from digital traincase.  Sol is really a good provider. Hehehe.  She supplies my lemmings and she was there during the time when I do not know where to get these great polishes.  Whats more is that she is easy to deal with.  Thanks sis.  I hope to visit Mega tom to see you and your booth.  That is kung matapos ko laundry ko…Hahaha……Oki, back with Nicole.  Fanatical Fuchshia is pretty and the formula is so nice.  Maybe this is what they call self leveling (hehe trying to be a polish expert but not).  I still am a messy applicator so please pardon me.  This is three coats.  Then I remembered that I still not used make u smile so I added it on top.  Simply beautiful.  I hope you will like it too.  Here are the pictures for you….Enjoy!!!

OPI Show it and Glow it

Hello World!!!

Another nail story for today.  I am wearing OPI show it and glow it.  As usual the source of this “glowy” polish is the ever supportive digital traincase.  I bought this last year, although I already wore this many times I forgot to post this here.  Senior moments much???  Anyways, here is it now.  My very sparkling polish……This is two coats.  The downside with any glittery polish is that it is so difficult to remove.  Grabe ang effort pero well it is pretty naman.  Ok world without further ado here is OPI show it ad glow it in my cute little nails.

Name checked: Show it and Glow it.

Glittery and pretty

As far as my experience with OPI its formula is consistent.

It is easy to apply and in two coats my nails ar fully covered.

Look how glittery it is.

Purple at first glance but looking at it closely it has many micro glitters in different colors. That is why when reflected by lights it dances. Love love love.

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