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Who doesn’t like J Lo’s make up?  No one right?  So imagine my happiness when my thoughtful and beautiful cousin Gina gave me J. Lo’s Still Look book.  I so love it.  It is handy I mean if you are decided to have that look for the day,  all you have to bring is the look book.  For me that is possible because I only apply make in the morning.  As in the full ritual that includes the make up base, eyebrows to mascara.  Then I am made up I only need pressed powder and lip gloss to retouch.  The eye shadow is pigmented and lasts long (for me as long as it is ok from 7:30 AM to 8 PM that is good enough).  That criteria is important for me because I do not retouch eye shadows  at lunch break hehe.  So without further a do here is J. Lo’s Still Look book.

Lookbook's lid cover where the Glamorous J. Lo is strategically pictured. Who does not want to look like her.....lol

Can you believe that you can achieve that glamorous look with only a few shades of shadows?

askmewhats featured a tutorial on this look......I remembered.....The blush is so right for me....Just enough to make me look healthy......

When cuz gave this to me, I first thought that she is giving me J. Lo's autobiography lol....I love make up but I am not addicted to it. I have the essentials and I have what I need for my everyday use.

It really looks like a notebook eh.....Slim enough for my office bag.....

So this is my version.....Haha....I feel crazy taking this picture......

I am playing with my camera and at the same time trying hard not to appear a fool around my staff.....(I am actually trying not to notice them... )

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