LPCI’s version of day camping in Munting Buhangin



Hello World!!!

I seem to have an illness.  It is called summer separation disorder.  Haha.  I still cannot get over summer.  I still want go to more beaches and enjoy the sun……  Although that is achievable, all I need is to have time.  Thats it time, oh why your so precious?

Since Im still in summer mode, why not talk about our company summer outing and team building.  It was held in Munting Buhangin Beach Camp, in Nasugbo Batangas.  It is about 2 to 3 hours away from Makati.  It is near enough for a weekend get away.  The beach is nice and the wind is refreshing too.  You can  sense of the rural atmosphere, calm and quiet and yet you know you are still near the urban chaos.

The activity was organized by our Human Resource Department.  They prepared various fun games that promotes team building.  In fairness, the games were quite simple yet enjoyable.  It really stir the competitivenes in each employee; leaders came out with strategies and in the end team work prevails.  It was a day of fun and peer bonding.  Nothing serious really.  We just took a day out of our office cubicles and enjoyed the sand, sun and each other companies.


Paper bridge game. Team should step on the paper bridge.


Still the paper bridge game. Team to finish first wins.


Pass the hoolah…

This is how we play with hoolah hoops.....

This is how we play with hoolah hoops…..

The classic sock race

The classic sack race

Hurry!!! we are about to win....

Hurry!!! we are about to win….

Water relay

Water relay

Carefull not to spill

Carefull not to spill

Ok keep going....

Ok keep going….

We won!!! Yahoo

We won!!! Yahoo

After all the games, we are famished and tired.  So whats the way to do? of course eat and drink and just take a lot of pictures with each other….


The buffet set up


For the boys!!1

For the boys!!1

Yellow Team

Yellow Team

hug buddies

hug buddies

Yes the sand is hot

Yes the sand is hot

Other activities also include swimming and Kayak paddling.  We surely cannot leave the beach without dipping and bathing. Just wonderful!!!




Dont go too far girls!!!

May we remember this day,  Hoping that next summer outing will be more fun....

May we remember this day, Hoping that next summer outing will be more fun….

Island hopping in Coron, Palawan



Hello World!!!

Our Coron adventure officially started when we safely landed in Busuanga airport.  Why Im even writing that?  Well, I just cannot forget how cute our plane was.  It was my first time riding a plane that small.  Yes, I am a little bit Scared and I think It was the first time that I really listened to the reminders given by the flight attendants.  They are a little bit different too.  But anyways were fine.

Welcome to Us!!!

Welcome to Us!!!

The cute plane. Captain thank you for flying us safely.

The cute plane. Captain thank you for flying us safely.

Just like any other tourists, We are exited to see the islets and beaches of Coron.  We are ready to be kissed by the sun and turn golden brown….haha.  That is why we wore long sleeves rashguard? Whatever…..

So our tour started around 7 AM.  We went to their pier and meet our tour assistant.  He pointed our boat that will be our ride for the day. Then, our Island hopping began.  I must say, when you go island hopping in Coron, its best to bring your own equipments (snorkle and the aqua shoes).  Also, do not forget to bring bread for the fishes.

The pier

The pier

One of our tour assistant.  We have four tour assistants.

One of our tour assistants. We have four tour assistants.

First stop....Snorkling and fish feeding

First stop….Snorkling and fish feeding

Our boat

Our boat

Lunch at Smith Beach

Lunch at Smith Beach

Our tour companions...Travelling is all about meeting new people

Our tour companions…Travelling is all about meeting new people

We are approaching the parking lot...hahaha...We are going to have a short trek to Laka Kayangan

We are approaching the parking lot…hahaha…We are going to have a short trek to Lake Kayangan

The ever famous view deck.  You cannot leave Coron without a picture here...

The ever famous view deck. You cannot leave Coron without a picture here…

Kayangan Lake, Very beautiful.

Kayangan Lake, Very beautiful.

Still in Kayangan Lake.  We are advised to wear our life vest for the water is dominantly fresh than salty....So we are not that bouyant.

Still in Kayangan Lake. We were advised to wear our life vest for the water is dominantly fresh than salty….So we are not that bouyant.


Wow Philippines. I want to see more…Till next adventure




Climbing Mt. Tapyas as cardio exercise


Hello World!!!

This is a late post.  Me and my travel buddies went to Coron last year.  We went there before Yolanda came. Thus, we were fortunate to see the landmark in Mt. Tapyas, the gigantic cross.  Im sure the view from the top is still the same.  It is literally breathtaking.

Depending on your lung capacity, the climb is about 15 minutes to 1 hour.  Hehe. We went there around 4 PM.  Perfect time, the sun is not so high and the wind is breezy.  Do not forget to bring water going up.  You might need it halfway.  Actually the climb is not that hard.  There are pathways and cemented stairs.  The problem is with me.  I do not have exercise.  That is because I am usually confined in the office from morning to late afternoon.  The result: my lungs was quite surprised with the activity.  Hahaha.  I almost give up.  I am thankful that my travel buddies were quite persistent,  I was able to reached the top.  I am so happy.  The view is really great.  It was worth the climb.

Who would have thought that I am short of breath here....Post parin....

Who would have thought that I am short of breath here….Post parin….

These views will make you go higher and higher towards the top:

This was taken I think on the first view deck

This was taken I think on the first view deck

As we go higher.....

As we go higher…..

Yes, the stairs

Yes, the stairs

Wait, we should rest first and take some selfies....hahaha

Wait, we should rest first and take some selfies….hahaha


Finally!!! Me and the gigantic cross

This is the final reward.  Wow Coron.... And we can now sing were on top of the world!!!!

This is the final reward. Wow Coron…. And we can now sing were on top of the world!!!!

Haler Baler!!! LPCI Finance learn to surf


Hello World!!! Hello Baler!!!

Time really run fast….Its July already….Wheeoww!!!

So, What have I’ve been doing these past months? Heres the run down:

First quarter is always the same….Deadline frenzy for all reports. Books to be closed, Adjustments should be finalized and of course the schedules for year end audit should be submitted….Thank goodness its  all finished and done…. Now  we can move on….. What I am saying is that, its my least favorite quarter of the year……I Do not want to look back… hehe….

Second Quarter brings promise for summer fun.  And we did just that!!!  Me and my Finance collegues went to Baler and we learned and experienced the fun of surfing.  I know for a fact that my body is not for surfing, but I cannot deny the fact that it gives me a different kind of joy and energy.  I really enjoyed the activity.  It is quite addicting too.  Just like pringles once you pop you cant stop.

Every year we have our departmental summer outing. This year, LPCI Finance decided to visit the beautiful Baler.  Yes Baler in Aurora.  And yes it is quite far for we travelled 6 hours from Makati, but again it is worth the distance and the time.  The place is so charming and relaxing.  We had fun…As in so much fun.  The best time to enjoy the sun and learn to surf.  The waves are small, smooth, just perfect for us beginners.

Perfect weather in Sabang Beach

Perfect weather in Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach


Of course every new activity should start with a jump shot


A short lesson on balancing ( easy for finance people … hehe) and right position etc.

Theories applied.....Success!!!

Theories applied…..Success!!!


I also have my moment…. hehe

Baler is not all about surfing.  We also visited other attractions that the locals proudly boasts.

The centenial Balete tree.... Look how big the roots

The centenial Balete tree…. Look how big the roots

The Mother Falls

The Mother Falls or Ditumabo Falls

I do not mind the trek going here....The water is just refreshing

I do not mind the trek going here….The water is just refreshing

No kidding the water is really wonderful

No kidding,the water is just wonderful

The view from Ermita Hill Park

The view from Ermita Hill Park

The magnifiscent Pantabangan dam

The magnificent Pantabangan dam

What a happy weekend for us.  We forgot our worries and we were able to breath.  Philippines is really beautiful.  So many places yet to discover and visit.


Finding Nemo @ Lemlunay


Scuba Diving… Not in my wildest dream did I think I will do it….. Sure it is in my bucket list, but actually doing it?!!!…..

I am always happy in the water.  I love the beach, the ocean and the sun.  I am so relaxed when I snorkel.  I am in heaven when I am swimming with the fishes.  My true stress reliever.   No wonder that I also would like to try scuba diving.  What’s stopping me though is that, one, I cannot swim.  Yes I know how to float  but I did not have formal lessons.  So that is the first question I asked the dive master.  Is it ok for me to dive even though I cannot swim.  He said yes and so dive I go……

Our fun dive is divided into three parts.  First is the filling out of forms and medical declaration.  Some sort guidelines on who are fit to dive and also a waiver in case something happens. Our dive master made sure that we read the guidelines and reminded us to take it seriously and be honest (on medical history).  Second is the orientation on what we are about to do.  He acquaint us with the apparatus and some important signals under water.  It was a concise lecture and really needed underwater.  The third is application of the lecture in the pool.  Of course they wanted to be sure that we understand what they thought us.  Then after we have meet their standards….We are now off to the ocean to find Nemo……

This all happen in Lemlunay Dive Resort in Sarangani Province, when I have nothing to do while on Christmas vacation.  Our dive masters are from PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors.  Knowing that, I feel safe……  After that one fun dive, I now want to have a diving license and explore more oceans of the Philippines.

Safety First

Safety First

My Guide

My Guide

Everything ok

Everything ok

Are we really going to dive?

Are we really going to dive?

Happy Three Kings World


Whew….. Its 2014 already….. Time just fly so fast.

I will take this time to greet everyone a happy new year. May this year bring us more happiness and blessings. Today is Three kings, and here in the Philippines, I think this officially closes the Christmas season….. So kids, you have till midnight to look for your ninangs and ninongs…..



Summer lovin….Fun @ Anawangin

Hello world!!!

Yes I am still alive.  I am just disconnected and very busy lately.  I really miss blogging.  So whats up????  You know what, I have many stories to tell and things to show you.  They are all in queue right now.  And mind you it is getting longer everyday.  Right now I will show you you my latest escapade that happened just last weekend.  This is the premise: Before summer ends we want to go to the beach and just relax…….

Thus off we went to Anawangin cove.  It is in Pondaquit in San Antonio, Zambales. It is one of the nearest cove and camping site in North Luzon.  Because it is a cove it is surrounded by mountains of rocks.  And what is more amazing is the tall pine trees on the beach.   It was said that it just grew there after the eruption of mt. Pinatubo in 1991.  Cool right?

Here is the summary of our trip:

Travel time:

Makati to San Antonio 4 to five hours depending on traffic.  We made it in four hours because we traveled on the wee hours of the morning.   In San Antonio Municipal Hall, precy our boat contact picked us up and we traveled another 20 minutes to Pundaquit.  It is pundaquit where we will ride the boat going to Anawangin.  That is another 30 to 45 minutes.  Precy also have tents available for rent in case you do not have one.

Things to bring:

Remember that Anawangin cove is one of the famous camping sites.  Being one, bringing tents, plastic mats, picnic blanket are essential.  I am telling you this because we did not bring any of those.  Haha.  And so we learned our lesson.  Our excuse is that we wont stay over night.  But still, It is so fun to lounge on the soft sand and read a good book and hear the ocean waves from the shore……So relaxing and cosy.

Deck of cards to pass time, food and water and plenty of stories to share with the group……

Things to do:

Relax and just chill….Enjoy the beauty of nature and recharge your energy.

Swim all you can with. The water is inviting and the waves are so exciting to tackle. When we went there it is kind of wavy and the current is strong.  But nonetheless we still had a great time in the water.

Practice photography.  Anawangin is gifted with such beautiful landscape.  Every corner is like a painting.  Why not compose your own perfect picture and let it speak volume about the place.

Summer, is really more fun in the Philippines.

Ysabel Mansion a place to stay in Puerto Princesa

Hello World!!!

I am scanning my picture archive and realized that I still did not post about this.  I thought I already did because I was so impress with their service that I already told a lot of people of their place. Hehe!! well it turned out that it was all in my mind….I just  realized that I have not post about it when a friend asked me where we stayed in Puerto Princesa……

Okay, so moving on….. Ysabel mansion is the best place to stay when you are  in Puerto Princesa.  The staff are friendly and the rooms are really clean.  There is breakfast and they do remind you of your land arrangements the night before and the  time your service will arrive and when that day arrives, they also knock on your door 15 minutes before your service arrives just to be sure you did not forget.   They also asked you what time you want your breakfast served and they also wake you up or call you when your breakfast is ready.   What else can I say? I really enjoyed my stay there.  Their location is not in the heart of the city but it worked good for us.  Anyway, any place in Puerto Princesa is just one tricycle ride away and whats more important is that  you can really relax there and get all the rest you need after all the adventure you had the whole day.  This place is very much recommended specially for budget conscious travelers that are also  particular for their safety and the place’s cleanliness.  Booking is easy.  They reply really fast.  Just visit their website here.  Their website is complete with all the information you need.  They are located in 214 Abad Santos extension.  You can also reach them in their Landline (63)(48) 723-0992, Mobile No. (63)918-4089377 / (63)929-2417797 or you can email them at info@ysabellemansion.com. Uhhmmm and yes they also picked us up from the airport and also drop us there when we left.  Complete service from start to finish.

Here are some of our pictures….You can visit their website for more pictures on their rooms.  They really look exactly those. hehe.

The Lobby

Outside the Lobby....Courtyard....

Their signage

The room we had.....There is free wifi service....

Small area to hang your wet clothes

Dots and dots inspired nails

Hello World!!!

Who have  heard the song Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow polka dot bikini?  I am sure many.  This song is usually played during Sundays.  Why did I suddenly mentioned it? It is because of my featured nail art.  I compiled these and finally made time to write about them. I wore this last December. Dotting is so basic yet when mixed and placed in strategic position they are so cute and beautiful.  I also would like to show you my dotting tools.  These tools are  so helpful and very flexible.  Colorful too.  I bought them from Nail Art Avenue. See for yourself and enjoy.

I used face shop for the base

Traffic lights is it not?

Nyx for the base. If I remembered right, this is algae.

The white dots with yellow looks like sunny side up eggs.....best for breakfast.

Sweet and simple

Jacorste for the base

My ever reliable dotting tools

These are very flexible tools

You can create whatever design you can imagine.....

My simple valentine nail

Hello World!!!

It is February once again.  It is the time of the year when hearts are everywhere.  The malls are full of hearts decoration.  I want to blend in.  What better way to blend than painting my nails with little hearts.  Hihi….This is my first try drawing cute hearts.  I am happy with the result.  I am definitely improving in my art.  I used orly rock candy and china glaze ruby pumps.  I used three coats of rock candy.  I like rock candy, my nails looks like a sparkling marble and it is easy to apply too.  It glides perfectly.  Look for yourself and I sure do hope that you will enjoy it….

The two featured polish

Perfect combination!!!

Orly Rock Candy

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Ready to love......

and be loved.....hehehe.....Happy heart's day everyone!!!

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