Haler Baler!!! LPCI Finance learn to surf


Hello World!!! Hello Baler!!!

Time really run fast….Its July already….Wheeoww!!!

So, What have I’ve been doing these past months? Heres the run down:

First quarter is always the same….Deadline frenzy for all reports. Books to be closed, Adjustments should be finalized and of course the schedules for year end audit should be submitted….Thank goodness its  all finished and done…. Now  we can move on….. What I am saying is that, its my least favorite quarter of the year……I Do not want to look back… hehe….

Second Quarter brings promise for summer fun.  And we did just that!!!  Me and my Finance collegues went to Baler and we learned and experienced the fun of surfing.  I know for a fact that my body is not for surfing, but I cannot deny the fact that it gives me a different kind of joy and energy.  I really enjoyed the activity.  It is quite addicting too.  Just like pringles once you pop you cant stop.

Every year we have our departmental summer outing. This year, LPCI Finance decided to visit the beautiful Baler.  Yes Baler in Aurora.  And yes it is quite far for we travelled 6 hours from Makati, but again it is worth the distance and the time.  The place is so charming and relaxing.  We had fun…As in so much fun.  The best time to enjoy the sun and learn to surf.  The waves are small, smooth, just perfect for us beginners.

Perfect weather in Sabang Beach

Perfect weather in Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach


Of course every new activity should start with a jump shot


A short lesson on balancing ( easy for finance people … hehe) and right position etc.

Theories applied.....Success!!!

Theories applied…..Success!!!


I also have my moment…. hehe

Baler is not all about surfing.  We also visited other attractions that the locals proudly boasts.

The centenial Balete tree.... Look how big the roots

The centenial Balete tree…. Look how big the roots

The Mother Falls

The Mother Falls or Ditumabo Falls

I do not mind the trek going here....The water is just refreshing

I do not mind the trek going here….The water is just refreshing

No kidding the water is really wonderful

No kidding,the water is just wonderful

The view from Ermita Hill Park

The view from Ermita Hill Park

The magnifiscent Pantabangan dam

The magnificent Pantabangan dam

What a happy weekend for us.  We forgot our worries and we were able to breath.  Philippines is really beautiful.  So many places yet to discover and visit.


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