Finding Nemo @ Lemlunay


Scuba Diving… Not in my wildest dream did I think I will do it….. Sure it is in my bucket list, but actually doing it?!!!…..

I am always happy in the water.  I love the beach, the ocean and the sun.  I am so relaxed when I snorkel.  I am in heaven when I am swimming with the fishes.  My true stress reliever.   No wonder that I also would like to try scuba diving.  What’s stopping me though is that, one, I cannot swim.  Yes I know how to float  but I did not have formal lessons.  So that is the first question I asked the dive master.  Is it ok for me to dive even though I cannot swim.  He said yes and so dive I go……

Our fun dive is divided into three parts.  First is the filling out of forms and medical declaration.  Some sort guidelines on who are fit to dive and also a waiver in case something happens. Our dive master made sure that we read the guidelines and reminded us to take it seriously and be honest (on medical history).  Second is the orientation on what we are about to do.  He acquaint us with the apparatus and some important signals under water.  It was a concise lecture and really needed underwater.  The third is application of the lecture in the pool.  Of course they wanted to be sure that we understand what they thought us.  Then after we have meet their standards….We are now off to the ocean to find Nemo……

This all happen in Lemlunay Dive Resort in Sarangani Province, when I have nothing to do while on Christmas vacation.  Our dive masters are from PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors.  Knowing that, I feel safe……  After that one fun dive, I now want to have a diving license and explore more oceans of the Philippines.

Safety First

Safety First

My Guide

My Guide

Everything ok

Everything ok

Are we really going to dive?

Are we really going to dive?

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