Summer lovin….Fun @ Anawangin

Hello world!!!

Yes I am still alive.  I am just disconnected and very busy lately.  I really miss blogging.  So whats up????  You know what, I have many stories to tell and things to show you.  They are all in queue right now.  And mind you it is getting longer everyday.  Right now I will show you you my latest escapade that happened just last weekend.  This is the premise: Before summer ends we want to go to the beach and just relax…….

Thus off we went to Anawangin cove.  It is in Pondaquit in San Antonio, Zambales. It is one of the nearest cove and camping site in North Luzon.  Because it is a cove it is surrounded by mountains of rocks.  And what is more amazing is the tall pine trees on the beach.   It was said that it just grew there after the eruption of mt. Pinatubo in 1991.  Cool right?

Here is the summary of our trip:

Travel time:

Makati to San Antonio 4 to five hours depending on traffic.  We made it in four hours because we traveled on the wee hours of the morning.   In San Antonio Municipal Hall, precy our boat contact picked us up and we traveled another 20 minutes to Pundaquit.  It is pundaquit where we will ride the boat going to Anawangin.  That is another 30 to 45 minutes.  Precy also have tents available for rent in case you do not have one.

Things to bring:

Remember that Anawangin cove is one of the famous camping sites.  Being one, bringing tents, plastic mats, picnic blanket are essential.  I am telling you this because we did not bring any of those.  Haha.  And so we learned our lesson.  Our excuse is that we wont stay over night.  But still, It is so fun to lounge on the soft sand and read a good book and hear the ocean waves from the shore……So relaxing and cosy.

Deck of cards to pass time, food and water and plenty of stories to share with the group……

Things to do:

Relax and just chill….Enjoy the beauty of nature and recharge your energy.

Swim all you can with. The water is inviting and the waves are so exciting to tackle. When we went there it is kind of wavy and the current is strong.  But nonetheless we still had a great time in the water.

Practice photography.  Anawangin is gifted with such beautiful landscape.  Every corner is like a painting.  Why not compose your own perfect picture and let it speak volume about the place.

Summer, is really more fun in the Philippines.

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