Ysabel Mansion a place to stay in Puerto Princesa

Hello World!!!

I am scanning my picture archive and realized that I still did not post about this.  I thought I already did because I was so impress with their service that I already told a lot of people of their place. Hehe!! well it turned out that it was all in my mind….I just  realized that I have not post about it when a friend asked me where we stayed in Puerto Princesa……

Okay, so moving on….. Ysabel mansion is the best place to stay when you are  in Puerto Princesa.  The staff are friendly and the rooms are really clean.  There is breakfast and they do remind you of your land arrangements the night before and the  time your service will arrive and when that day arrives, they also knock on your door 15 minutes before your service arrives just to be sure you did not forget.   They also asked you what time you want your breakfast served and they also wake you up or call you when your breakfast is ready.   What else can I say? I really enjoyed my stay there.  Their location is not in the heart of the city but it worked good for us.  Anyway, any place in Puerto Princesa is just one tricycle ride away and whats more important is that  you can really relax there and get all the rest you need after all the adventure you had the whole day.  This place is very much recommended specially for budget conscious travelers that are also  particular for their safety and the place’s cleanliness.  Booking is easy.  They reply really fast.  Just visit their website here.  Their website is complete with all the information you need.  They are located in 214 Abad Santos extension.  You can also reach them in their Landline (63)(48) 723-0992, Mobile No. (63)918-4089377 / (63)929-2417797 or you can email them at info@ysabellemansion.com. Uhhmmm and yes they also picked us up from the airport and also drop us there when we left.  Complete service from start to finish.

Here are some of our pictures….You can visit their website for more pictures on their rooms.  They really look exactly those. hehe.

The Lobby

Outside the Lobby....Courtyard....

Their signage

The room we had.....There is free wifi service....

Small area to hang your wet clothes

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