Dots and dots inspired nails

Hello World!!!

Who have  heard the song Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow polka dot bikini?  I am sure many.  This song is usually played during Sundays.  Why did I suddenly mentioned it? It is because of my featured nail art.  I compiled these and finally made time to write about them. I wore this last December. Dotting is so basic yet when mixed and placed in strategic position they are so cute and beautiful.  I also would like to show you my dotting tools.  These tools are  so helpful and very flexible.  Colorful too.  I bought them from Nail Art Avenue. See for yourself and enjoy.

I used face shop for the base

Traffic lights is it not?

Nyx for the base. If I remembered right, this is algae.

The white dots with yellow looks like sunny side up for breakfast.

Sweet and simple

Jacorste for the base

My ever reliable dotting tools

These are very flexible tools

You can create whatever design you can imagine.....

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