Playing with Fun IP plates

Hello World!!!

I cannot help it, I need to play more with these image plates.  When I saw this in Fab Ur Nails FB album I keep on dreaming of them haha.  It was out of stock then.  Then they said that it is coming in two weeks and the stocks were only limited and they will prioritize those who pre-ordered.  I still queue and filled out their order form hoping that they will have extra.  I did not received any response from them.  I thought that I will not going to have it.  Then Fab Ur Nails announced that anytime they will be sending the invoice for lucky  buyers.  I am hoping that I will also receive an invoice from them.  And yes they emailed me.  I am so happy.  And now I want to play with it.  One thing I learned though, the designs are big.  They fill my nails.  But still they are all pretty.  And here are my nails.  I want to try all designs but opted for six to fill my ten little nails.  Here it is, enjoy!!!

four wonderful plates from Fab Ur Nails

Fab I: There is Mickey and Tweety and a girly skull.

Snoopy and Hello Kitty and there is also the sun and stars from our flag

Minkey again and the famous Ninoy's eye glasses

Betty Boop and plants and zombies

My left hand

My right hand

Look at the design. They transfer well.

Just pardon my messy application

Tweety so pretty

Yes, this should look better in red or dark pink outline....

really defined right?

High five friends!!!

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