NOTD: Bright red polish with yellow and green nail art = Attractive

Hello World!!!

This will be a short post.  I just want to show you my nails this weekend. Look how bright this red polish is.  Then it looks more bright because I added yellow flowers.  I like it.   Actually, I have a nail art book and there is one design I wanted to replicate.  This is the result.  I will not show the original since it does not look like it…..Hahaha.

I just came from a trip.   I joined our company Lakbay Vietnam.  I will post about it later.  I have a lot of organizing to do.  So, be warned that my succeeding posts will be mostly about my recent travels.  My adventures and misadventures.   I again learn something new and in the process  broaden my horizon with travel.  I really love to traveling.  I wish I have a lots lots lots of money to be able to see the world anytime.  Hehe.

The red polish I bought from Vietnam.....The bottle has a bee so maybe Bee is the brand

This is the polish bottle. I cannot read the manufacturer it is in vietnamese alphabet.

This polish is surprisingly easy to apply and the formula is quite nice too.

What is best about this polish is that it is so affordable. It is only 11,000 Vietnam dong around 22 to 25 pesos. Not bad right.

Ok, so this is what I am trying to replicate. See how far my actual nail look....hehehe......This look so simple and easy but still I cannot follow......More practice I guess and should use the right brush.

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