Food Trip: Badjao Seafront Restaurant

Hello World!!!

I am going to share to you our food trippings in Puerto Princesa.  First food trip is in  Badjao seafront restaurant.  It is located inside the small barrio called Sikat which can be found along Abueg Road. It is one of the famous restaurants that the locals recommends that the visitors should not miss.  We have read about this place and we feel that it is the perfect place for us to have lunch.  We asked our hotel receptionist how to get there and how much is the fare if we took the tricycle.  She told us that usually it is P150.00 pesos because it is quite far and the tricycle driver has to wait for us or has to return for us because tricycles do not go there usually if they doesn’t have passengers. That is fair enough, we are group of three so if we split it is like P50.00 per head. (We are decided to take the tricycle from the start…Written in our itinerary actually.)

The next thing to do is look for a tricycle to bring us there.  It is not a difficult task to do because there are many who are waiting outside our pension house.  They are in queue so the lucky driver for us is Kuya Ken.  We ask him to bring us to Badjao and along the way we also negotiated if he can also tour us around Puerto Princesa.  He happily agreed and we seal the deal for P500.00.  The price is really a great bargain.  Imagine if we booked for city tour it would be P600.00 per head but since we are DIY travelers and have researched before and we know that Puerto Princesa City is small enough and tricycle can reach all key destination of the normal City tour package.  We know right…hehe.  It really pays to read about the place you are going to visit.

So manong Ken delivered us to Badjao.  He told us that he will be back 1:00PM.  First impression of the restaurant was…..Ok it is really far and the road going there is bumpy.  We arrive at the resto around 11AM.  When we arrive, we had the resto for ourselves.  We had a great time taking picture of the resto’s facade and also of us goofing.  Then we remembered that we should order first because we know (from other blogs) that they serve food fresh and so give time for the preparation.  We are done with the facade anyway and it start to rain as in pouring rain.  We made our order.  That is seafood platter, rice, ensaladang talong, fruit platter and of course water and cola.  The waiter said that the seafood platter is good for two persons but we did not listen to him and good thing too.

We are happy with our order and very full.  I cannot comment much on the cooking because what could go wrong in grilling?  Hehe.  But the pusit is cooked just right.  It is tender and juicy.  They also have a steamed shell.  It was the first time I tried it and it is good and they must be really fresh because my allergies did not bother me bwahaha.  I will just show you the pictures so that you will not keep imagining what I am saying.  Oh by the way our bill is only P1,145.00, not bad right? Enjoy!!!

This is the facade of the restaurant

It is surrounded with mangroves

The trail is cool and best place to post....

I think this is more or less 20 minutes tricycle ride. It feels far because some part of the road going here is so bumpy.

Dayon camo..... Ilongo and spanish in one? hehe

The prize of being early.....The resto only for us....(we enjoyed this for I think 20 minutes or so before the buzz began)

The bar area and the waiter looking and waiting for our orders ....

What to order huh?

Tsaran!!!! After 30 to 45 minutes I think.....

They look so yummy......Allergies please be good.....

All smiles and very ready to attack!!!

For our dessert.....

View from our side.....

Mangroves unlimited.....

Notice this....This has a story.....

Can you tell what I am trying here?

Get it already?

Are you with me yet?

Cool isn't it? The wonders of camera and technology......

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