Singapore: Universal Studios what is in there?

Hello World!!!

Today I will show you a happy place.  This is a place where in you can be a child again.  Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park that is fit for all. There is so much to see and do there and the best part of it is that you can do everything in one day.  It is not that gigantic place so you can explore the place in one whole day.   I love it and I feel that my entrance fee is very worth it.

What I did in the park is take picture as much as I can.  I am not a fan of rides but I love watching people riding rides.  Haha.   The only ride I braved myself in USS is the mummy.  Not because I am curious how is it but because I saw my sis did it and she said it is cool.  She failed to mention that it is like roller coaster and it is fast motion.  Tsk!!!  Anyways it is good but one ride for the day for me is enough…..Hahaha.  After that ride, I am careful reading the synopsis of each attraction….So off I visit all the shows and took pictures all I can…..  you will be warned that this post is full of pictures os USS and me. Hahahaha……I so enjoyed that day.  I forgot that I am sick and fighting a fever.

I am excited to post my latest adventure and happy to announce that I am almost done with my 2010 Kuala Lumpur- Singapore trip.  Keep posted and enjoy this love myself post.  hehehe.

This is how the park looks inside mid day....

This is how packed the park is around 4PM.

The canopy flyer.

Riders seem to enjoy the ride....

Me outside the canopy flyer.....

Revenge of the mummy....the only ride I braved myself.

The mummy area is so fun. They have so many statues of what you saw in the movies.

Still in The mummy area....Cool!

I feel that I am in another place and really in The mummy's set. weh...

This guy is not a statue and he sure is scary....Hehehe.....It must be the eye make up.

But Caryl is not scared with him. They even choreograph their post. He is Filipino by the way. He confess after seeing me so scared.....duh!!!

I cannot leave USS without seeing Panda

I am so happy that we saw him before we leave....He sure is cuddly.


The great tree of Madagascar

The photo area in Madagascar......

Of course Shrek is there and we enjoyed the 4D show very much!!!

I find this group interesting. I saw them across Shrek's castle.

They look like they come out of a Chinese, Korean or Japanese magazine....

See...They are fashionistas and so Korean looking.....Love their outfit.....

I just post outside Waterworld. We thought that this place is still under construction or repair....We miss it!!! tsk!!!

But water is surely always fascinates children.....They are so having fun!!!!

Right cute baby girl??? Do you also want to play with water???

This was taken after my Mel's drive in breakfast.

Later, I learned that it is a stage for this show.....bwahaha

They look like dolls

Dolls or Barbie....They are pretty and blond.

She also looks like a doll with dark hair.....

Betty Boop in person!!!

Do you know him??? Scary and tall....

The very tall Marilyn Monroe.....

ducky and friends......

My sister is glad that during our visit this is not yet operational.....hahaha

These two neurons are so friendly. They are also Filipino.... Kabayan!!!

USS also has an area dedicated to Jurassic Park uhhhmmmm I think the canopy flyer is part of this....

Monster Rock, I thought is a horror house....hehe.....Good thing I still enter and watched the show. I was entertained....Love it!!!

Another ride we skipped.....Hehehe.....I dont want to get wet and I was sick this time.

The streets of USS

Come and Visit USS and I suggest that you also come early to be able to post like this.....

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  1. rins
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 00:25:24

    I’ve been meaning to see Universal Studios! Hopefully I can gift it to myself on my next birthday. Looks like you had loads of fun! 😉


    • Cheanne's World
      Sep 25, 2011 @ 15:44:40

      Yes rins it is a happy place….I think I will be forever be a child deep inside…..Kaya kahit may lagnat ako that day post ng post parin…..Nakakatuwa talaga sya….Tsaka ang best part doon kayang kaya mo ikutin ang place in 1 day…..


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  6. Kiera
    Oct 15, 2011 @ 17:15:05

    Awww, i live in singapore yet i’ve nvr been there!
    I’m totally missing out!!


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