Singapore: Universal Studio’s diners

Hello world!!!

Strolling and enjoying is not complete without food around.  Universal Studios Singapore is so considerate that they have a wide selection of diners around the park.  The food shops are well spread too that anytime you feel thirsty or a little bit hungry they are so abot kamay.

We came to the park so early that we have not eaten our breakfast yet so the first activity we had is food searching.   We ended up in Mel’s drive in.  The serving is BIG.  In my opinion it can be shared.  We did not know that then, we ordered a set meal for each one of us and it took us long time to finish it.  But I assure you they taste good and they are reasonably priced.

So now, I will show you the foodies around.  You can pick your choice from there now.  Enjoy!!!

Mel's drive in interior......In sync with its theme.....

Is this what they call juke box?

When you are early the libes is still short....

Enjoying our big breakfast.....

Refreshments stalls around....

There are plenty of cafes too....

I wonder where are the people?!!! Scared of rain perhaps????

more cafes....

Pretty refreshments stalls.....

Water water anyone....

Popcorn and movies.....Perfect match

I want pop cor too

After my big breakfast, I skip lunch and have this for my snacks.....

I sprinkle some cheese....

more food shops

and food stalls.....

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