Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Trip Day 4: Sentosa

Hello World!!!

Back to my last year trip.  We are now on day 4.  This time we are again in Singapore.  We ride a bus from Kuala Lumpur around 11pm and we arrived in Singapore 6am.  We have a stop over in Jurong for one  hour before proceeding to Singapore.  Our itinerary for the day includes hotel check-in and roam around Sentosa.

Finding our hotel is our first challenge. We found it and had a good exercise because of it.  The front desk officers informed us that their check in time is 11am even though on our booking (online) it is indicated there that check in is 9am.  We did not argue, we do not have energy from lack of sleep and the instant exercise we just had.  We are tired but still in good mood and still exited for the day’s activities.  What we did was we  just leave our things and find some place to have breakfast and change money and came back 11AM.  We are finally checked in.  We freshen up and had a rest for 2 hours and off we go to sentosa.  We took the taxi this time.  The front desk officers told us that it is more convenient and much cheaper.  That is if we are going to split the cost to four.  It is indeed cheaper.  Sometimes, you have to listen to the locals recommendation.

Sentosa is very big and they offer so many activities for you to choose and enjoy.  Since we are all tired our sentosa adventure is limited to roaming and riding all we can the monorail and all other free transport of the place.  Their monorails are colorful and cute.  Then we watched the Songs of the sea.  That show concluded our day.  I am not feeling well then.  I am in hurry to go back our hotel and sleep.  Hehe.  Here are my pictures to document that day.  Enjoy!!!

Me in Sentosa and the Merlion

colorful sentosa monorail

Looks like caterpillar no?

They have blue and pink monorail too....

I am thinking where I am headed next?

Should I go to Palawan? Or Siloso?

Directions directions....Can I split my body to be able to visit them all?

That is another transport in sentosa.....

Some activities for the family.....

hmmmm wait I will post here for my profile pic.....hehe

Sneak peak of Universal Studios....See you tom....

To maximize our time, we bought tickets so that the next day we will be the gate openner......

Miss Universe.....hahahha

The lakwatseras....

Then I saw some giant hersheys.....I hurry to see it nearer.....

Tried to carry it......

The show starts 7PM and so we are waiting.....

Here is the synopsis.....hehe....

That is the star of the show.

We came early to be able to choose the best seats. With my sister and her officemate.

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  3. yuan kang
    Dec 31, 2011 @ 16:05:49

    this sentosa express is cocky


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