Zoya Shawn with random nail art

Hello world!!!

Hows your week?  Mine, it went so fast.  I did not noticed its Friday once again.  It is just fast but not eventful.  I am in a training for our office accounting system…..And I am not going to talk about it.  Haha.

Instead, I will show to you my Zoya Shawn.  I love how it looks.  It looks like a moss.  Very timely for our rainy weather.  So, with that on my mind I also added some random flowers to create an illusion that because it is always raining the moss grew really thick and flowers bloom.  hahaha…..Looney imagination.  Anyways, look at what I draw, it is a looney design too……hehehe.   It looks like it was drawn by a kid. But well, being me, I still love  it.  Love your own design…..bwahahhaa…….Ok, enough now, I will just show you more pictures.  Enjoy.

Name Checked: Zoya Shawn

this is two coats. I love it.

Zoya's formula is a little runny but I did not have a hard time applying.

I am still a messy applicator. I am just excited to snap pictures.

Flowers here and there.

Pretty green nails with flowers. My nails are growing now.

Thumbs up Zoya Shawn.

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