Food Trip: Sweet Pea

Hello world!!!

Last Wednesday, July 20 I went out with my barkada (almost siblings).  Yes, It was in the middle of the work week, but that is the only time we could meet up.  Meggy who is now based in Davao is in the metro for only 3 days (work travel).  We agreed to meet and Donna suggested that we meet in Mc Kinley Hill.  She said that we should try some of the resto in Venice Piazza.  So the place is decided and so off we go.

It was my first time going inside Mc Kinley Hill.  Wow, it has a little community inside.  I heard of it but I did not imagine that it would look like I am in another City.  hehe.  The architecture of Venice Piazza is like eastwood in libis.  Since, it is in the middle of the week, we did not have difficulty looking for the place to eat.  Roy recommend Sweet pea.  At first, our reactions is like, sweet? as in we will skip to dessert already? hehehe Anyway, he corrected us and told us that they have a wide variety of food selection.  Ok fine, we trust him on this and sure thankful of his suggestion.  The food are all yummy.  I will recommend the resto to everyone.  The food taste really good and the prices are reasonable.  I asked Roy if Sweet pea has other branches, he said none, but I still have to verify that.  Ok, here are the pictures of us and our food.  Be warned that I am not a good food photographer.  I feel that I did not do justice to  them, but please believe me they are superbly cooked and flavored.

Roy and Meggy, posting while thinking what to eat

Donna and me. We know we want to eat some pasta.

Chet and Meggy. They want some salads

Appetizer: Quesidilla cheese and pepper

Soup: Squash soup

Salad: Greek salad

Salad: Taco salad

Pasta: Beef straganof something hehe

Pasta: Cheese Rossetti something hehehe not good on memorizing food names

Dessert: Chocolate caramel cake I think

Dessert: Mango blast (5 stars from me!!!)

We are now full, satisfied and happy with our food. But we are not yet done chatting.

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