China Glaze: Ruby Pumps

Hello World!!!

Yesterday I received a package from digital traincase.  One of the contents of that parcel is this little temptress.  This is China Glaze Ruby pumps.  I love it.  It is deep red and so attractive.  I seldom wear red but if this is red means I might be looking for more.   The formula is smooth.  It is just right.  Not so thick and not so runny.  To finish my look I top it with seche.

Notice that  I  cut my nails.  I feel that this is the perfect nail length for me.  These are the reason that I come with that conclusion.  1.  It is just enough length to give my fingers an illusion of longer and slimmer (haha who am I kidding?). 2.  With this nail length, the biometrics machine in our office will not have a hard time identifying me.  3.  It is also the best length for me to do office and house work without worrying that I might break a nail and  4.  In relation with office work,  I can type as fast as I can accurately with this length.

Ok, I will direct you now  to the pictures for you to appreciate too.

pretty and attractive eh?

This is three coats, although 2 coats is enought, but I so like to formula that I added another coat.

I so so like the redness of it. It is a happy color

Yes it is Ruby Pumps

What do you think of it?

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. blackshirt13
    Jul 18, 2011 @ 00:20:43

    Love the color! 😀


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