Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Trip Day 3: Menara Tower

Hello world!!!

We are back on my Singapore-Kuala Lumpur trip.  We are still riding the Hop on Hop off and our first stop is The Menara Tower.  It is located in Jalan Punchak, Kuala Lumpur. It is stop number 2 of Hop-on Hop off.  It is also known as KL tower.

Menara stands 421 meters high.  It is the fourth tallest tower in the world.  It was completed in May 1996 and been open to public July 1996.  Attractions offered in the tower includes observation deck, dining, shopping, open-air amphitheater, cultural and musical shows.  Since we only have one day, we tried visiting the observation deck and the cultural village.

Look at how high and magnificent this tower is

In the observation deck, they are giving this virtual guide.

Posting while listening....

The virtual guide is really helpful. It tells us tourist of the history of the places at you see outside the tower

This is how busy the observation deck looks

Malaysia on top....

Very City but they maintained their cultural heritage

Sky scrapers around

We enjoyed looking around Kuala Lumpur

I hope, Philippines will also have something like this in the future





Jaz and Gideon resting their feet and enjoying the scenery outside

Then we meet new friend...

This is the cultural village in Menara Tower

smile for the camera

One of the performer in the cultural village. Their show just finished we have not seen it....hehehe

Giant board game

My sister and the robot

Me and the robot.....I cant remember why I am laughing there....

1 Malaysia, Truly Asia

Menara at night....Still beautiful

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