Elena Crackling Black Nail Polish

Hello World!!!

So what would be my reason now for not posting sooner?  Uhhhmmmm, I have many….  Last weekend my mother is with me.  I accompanied her to do some shopping.  Then when she is already safely home in General Santos, I had a bad case of allergy attack!!!  I can not understand what I feel.  I have hives all over.  Antihistamine became my best friend.  Needless to say I feel drowsy and sleepy because of it.  Then when I am up and well, my photography workshop begun.  Busy eh?  I am enjoying my photography workshop.  I will write about it in a different post.  So gals expect a better photos from me.

Enough about my alibis.  Today I will show you Elena crackling polish in black.  I bought this in Landmark, Makati for P200.00.  It is my first crackling polish. It is also very affordable and very available too.  Elena polish boast for being organic.  It is made in Taiwan.  The polish doesn’t smell and maybe it is because it is organic. Hehe.  Application of a crackling polish is a trial and error.  I tried using this before but I just can’t create a perfect crackling effect.  I mean,  up to now I still can’t but I believe it looks better.  I will try other strokes next time and see if it will crack better.  Or maybe, I should apply a little thinner.  Whatever, I still like it, I just need more practice applying it. How about you? Have you tried any crackling polish yet?

I used Depend nail polish as my base. The color I cannot tell. The number is erased. But it looks hot pink. Like highlighter pink.

This is Elena Black crackling polish. I hopenext time I can meke it crack better.

This is my right hand. I think my nails in right have a better crack effect.

This is my left hand. The crack is very minimal but I still like it.

Left thumb

Right thumb

My left hand again. I love the effect. Next time I will try yellow base.....hehhehe....

3 Comments (+add yours?)

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  3. blackshirt13
    Jul 18, 2011 @ 00:11:40

    I love the effect of crackling polishes! 😀 I have been curious about them for quite some time now, but have not had the chance to try it yet. I have seen some other [cheap] nail polish brands on eBay, but I have yet to get myself one. 😛


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