Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Trip Day 3 : Hop on Hop Off experience

Hello world!!!

Today, I will share to you what happened on our third day.  That is the KL  Hop on Hop off experience.  Have any of you tried it?  It may not be originally from Malaysia, but the intention and idea is great.  Very tourist friendly.

KL Hop-On Hop-off is developed based on the established services from other “touristy” cities like Paris and London.  They just adjust their bus to suit their roads and climate.  What’s cool with it is that the bus is equipped with a recorded city tour guide in nine different languages.  Yes, you read it right 9 languages.  Thus, there is no reason not to understand Malaysia’s History and the  stories behind the architectures of the attractions.   The bus stops in 22 pit stops.  These designated pit stop is conveniently located in such a way that major tourist attraction is nearby.  The Hop-on Hop-off service runs in a circle routes and operates 365 days a year even in holidays.  Just avoid it during rush hour.  Yes, that is from 4PM to 6PM.  I have read about it before but being hard headed as I am, we did not listen to the advise and so we were stuck in the traffic.  But, anyways I also kind of appreciate it.  I witness how Malaysian react in a traffic jam.  They are still cool and nobody is honking so even if you are in the middle of traffic you are not stressed.  People are discipline and patient.  I hope someday, we Pinoys will be like that too.   All passengers are provided with pamphlets wherein attractions in each pit stop are enumerated. You will not be lost and you can even plan where you want to go first and you can go back if you realized you miss something.  Hehehe.  That is because the bus route is in circle.

Originally, I planned to feature here all the places that we visited that day.  But, when I started to sort the pictures, I realized that we went to so many tourist attraction that day.  It would be so picture loaded and so much information that you may get bored.  Thus, this post is solely for the Hop-on hop-off experience.  Here are the pictures. Enjoy!!! I very much love my double-decker adventure!!!!

This the route map. Image is courtesy of their website

The buses are double-decker and glass roofed. Cool!!!

The bus are colorful and comfortable too.

If you want a hassle free navigation in Kuala Lumpur, I strongly recommend this.

See we are so tourists....hahaha

This how the bus look inside

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