Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Trip Day 2

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur around 5:30AM.  Our Malaysian adventure officially started….Hooray!!!

First stop is KLCC.  Our plan is to go up their bridge…..But we did not have the chance…..The line is sooooooo long and we are a bit late.  Just like that.  Better luck next time for us.  We had our breakfast there and we also freshen up there.  Yes you read it right.  We went there directly from bus so we are technically fresh from bed.  After we change clothes and brush our teeth off we go find a place to have our breakfast.  The catch is: we have to find some resto that have CC terminal.  It is suppose to be an easy quest, but it is so early, the mall is not yet open and we do not have ringgit yet.  That’s lesson learned.  Do not forget to bring local currency.  As in can you imagine we are 8 who traveled and not one thought of changing money for ringgit. Good thing KFC opens early. hehhe.  We ate and rest and wait for ate Nora. She is Caryl’s friend who will accompany us to Chinatown where she booked us for two nights, and she will also be our tour guide for the day she will also accompany us to Batu Cave.  But first, we need to check-in and leave some of our things so that we can enjoy the sites.

Upon check-in, we rested for 2 hours.  We took a nap and off we go to Batu cave.  I am amazed with Malaysia. They have very rich and diverse culture.  People there practice different religions but able to live harmoniously.  Colorful.  You will really feel you are in Asia.  For me, I feel that my Asian history lessons pop out and appear to me in real just like in cartoons. I like it very much.  Here are some pictures to say much more.  Enjoy….This is pic heavy…be warned.

Yipee.....Kuala Lumpur at last!!!

I have to have this picture taken.....KL tower.

A little bit rested, energy recharged and ready to post. Batu Cave already.

We went here because we saw this in Travel Asia. That time they had a ceremony going on (in travel asia I mean).

Reality bites!!! Have to climb and it was so hot that time......Water!!!

Finally we reached the top.

This is whats inside the cave. More stairs. Seriously?!!! hehehe

This is a holy place.

Look at that....It has a hole. Nature is really a great architect.

Ok so my curiosity was satisfied.

This is how it look from the cave.

Malaysia, Truly Asia.

Pretty eh? hehe

Caution: If you don't want to be robbed, do not display your food. hehe.

Pigeons, so plenty and pretty.

These two are always ready to post.

We heard that there is some ceremony that will take place later. But we did not wait we still have to go somewhere.

Look at them. I love that they are always wearing colorful dresses. Nice to look at but I cannot imagine myself wearing, under that heat.

I saw many of this going up the stairs. Maybe part of the ceremony and their faith.

We cant help it. We saw this little girl, we have to take picture with her.

Do it your self travelers. Now you wait for the bus. Hehehhe

Bus... not that bus I hope? Hahaha.

This is where our day ends. A dinner with this wonderful couple. They are so hospitable and friendly. Ate Nora, is one lucky OFW to have them as bosses.

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