Orly Green with Envy

Hello world!!! How is everyone doing?  For me, I had a good rest.  I make time to arrange my clothes in the cabinet and blog.  Today is Holiday here in Philippines.  Why?  Because yesterday is our National Hero’s birthday.  Belated Happy Birthday Dr. Jose Rizal.  Good thing that we do not have office because the weather is so gloomy.  Rain has no plans of going away soon.

Anyways,  I will show you Orly’s Green with envy today.  This is better I know when sunshine is present but I still want to wear it today. So here it is.  The formula is good and really easy to apply.  Not runny or thick just right.  Oki, oki without further clamor here it is.

This is three coats.

My application skills is improving. Agree?

Happy wearing green

Envious yet? hehe

After reading so many blogs on nail art tutorials, I again tried my art....hahaha

Those bloggers are really fabulous. Their nail art is really artistic. They make it look easy to do....But just cant follow....hehe

Label checked. It is really green with envy.

I call my design uhhhmmmm bouquet of flowers.

This design may not be fabulous as others but still I love it....heheh part of my learning curve.....

This is my pointer.....Cute.......

This is my thumb....And I forgot to clean the excess top coat. hehe

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