Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Trip Day 1

Hello World!!!

Travel adventure for me starts from planning.  We are DIY travelers.  We want to do it our way, our time our pace.  My Singapore-Kuala Lumpur trip last November was no different.  We started planning around July when we had our bookings (of course we have to have a slot first in the plane before we can start it all and not to mention we have to have a promo seat).  It was like putting a jigsaw puzzle.  We have to ask our travel companions if they have a particular place they want to visit and we will fit it in our itinerary.   The puzzle was formed and we are now ready to tango!!!  And waltz and samba…..hahaha….

Our flight day came. Our departure time is still 1:00 PM but we chose Clark airport as our exit point, so we have to catch the bus going there.  It is leaving 6:00AM so no need to say we have to be in Mega Mall before that time.  We only wanted to see Clark airport that is why.  But next time it is still best to leave via NAIA.

Then we landed.  Maricel, my friend is already there waiting for us.  We are going to leave our trolleys in her flat.  We are just going to have dinner and off we go to catch the bus going to Kuala Lumpur.  Yes our first day is almost always on the road or on air.  Hehehe.

The only place I saw in Singapore that time is the Esplanade because we had our dinner there.  Maricel, brought us to Marina Gluttons Bay.  The place is busy and I must say “touristy”. She recommends that we try their chicken wings and of –course the crabs.  I enjoyed the food, but at the back of my mind, we have to hurry and catch the bus…..Thus, we ate fast as in fast……Then off we go to our next destination that is the bus station.  Then my first day is done.  Keep posted for our Day 2…We are in Kuala Lumpur by then.  I will leave you some pictures taken that day. Here it comes…..

At Clark airport, the guards wont let us in yet. We are still early so they have this tent set up for us early passengers.....hehe....

This is Maricel who pick us up on the airport. She is our baggage concierge too...hehe

The bag packers us. Taking a post while waiting for the train en-route to Makansutra.

Me, very happy with the food....haha

The chicken wings yum yum

I prefer steam crabs.....But I am adventurous in trying anything that spell food.

Imee and Maricel with me. Imee, is my college friend. She kindly accompany us to our next destination. Bus station going to Malaysia.

We have some time to spare, look at these three as if they have the whole night to chat.

I made my presence known. Told them to post and then we will go. That's my sister and her office mate.

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