Tony Moly MK06

Have you heard of Tony Moly polish?  (What? I am the last person to hear about it just now? hehe) Anyway, it is a Korean brand, and me being a korean fanatic did not pass the chance to try this one.  I got this from Digital Traincase  their web site is if you are interested.  Thanks sis for introducing it to me.  Although, I have read that soon it will open a branch here in Philippines, Uhhhmm in fact they already have a booth in SM Fairview.  I hope SM Makati will have soon too.

This is three coats.  Being a pastel I had a difficulty making it even, but don’t get me wrong, it is my technique that is lacking and not the polish.  The formula is good and the color is just wonderful.  I applied it this weekend so I feel relaxed and in the mood to add some design.  And being typical me that is always random, I do not have a blue print and I just let my hands have its way and the result well I have to say that it is improving.  Hahaha.  Originally, I wanted to do some stamping but I am having a hard time transferring the design so I shift to brush painting and Viola!!!!  My office mate describe it as ethnic because they cannot understand it.  Very original my office mates. It is only now that I encountered being told “Di maintindihan” and equate it to ethnic and original…..hahaha…… If I am to describe it, I know it has a flower and leaves. heheheh…..Whatever!! What matters most is the enjoyment I have while doing this.  I do not mind how everybody describe my creations as long as I am having FUN.  Every body let us welcome my nails this week.

This is Tony of my only two on my collection

Minty and milky.....pretty (I am happy to capture its true color)

This is cool. Thats a praise coming from someone who is not a fan of pastel

This is my right hand. Look at my thumb thats the proof that I intended to stamp.

My four little fingers with some flowers and leaves

My left hand. Yes, I also design them

Again again.....My four little fingers...I am improving right.

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