Depend 207 : aka My Sagada Nails

May 5, 2011 I visited Sagada, Philippines.  It was an impulsive trip.  We decided to push true with the trip even if we are not physically ready.  Sagada is one place that I longed to visit for so long now.  It finally come true, but it was short notice so I am not prepared.  But still, I was so excited with the trip that I decided to design my nails to blend with the place.  But I made it on a hurry that it looks  uhhhhmmmm well how should I describe it??? Rushed??? hehehe…. I used stickers because I do not have much time……But anyway, whats important was I enjoyed my trip in Sagada.  I will post a separate article about Sagada because the place is so nice, quiet and heavenly.

Now, about my nails, I wore depend 207.  It looks silver with a touch of green.  It was my back drop.  I added some flowers.  And viola my Sagada nails. hehehe.  Depend polish is very nice to use.  Easy to use and the formula is so smooth.  Just right.  I just wish that in the future I can master the process of application so that I can give justice to all beautiful polishes of the world.

this is two coats

The color is office friendly....(dull but pretty )

my messy application .....

I spread many colors cause I know Sagada is full of them

Amazing big....I went to their street market and found this

Passion fruit, I was amazed with their variety because I am used to yellow passion fruit and they have orange....

Yes, they do have strawberries....

This was taken in the garden of Rock in farm.

I do not know the name but this is located in the entrance of Rock in Cafe.

Another flower that looks new to me still in Rock in farm

They said this is poinsettia....


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