L. A. Girl Disco Brites

Hello world.  Today I am wearing L.A. Girl’s Disco Brites.  I think this is Lillian.  I am not so sure because the name is not engraved in the bottle and I am not sure now if the name sticking on the bottle is its real name.  Haha!!!  I bought this in Singapore during my trip there last year.  Yes you read it right, last year.  November to be exact.  I only get around this week in trying it on and documenting it.  Yes my nails are longer now.  Please do not get bored with blue, I still have plenty to show you.  Thinking back, I cannot explain why I bought so many blue shade polish last year. Anyway, I come to love them all (my blue polishes),  This is two coats.   The formula is good.  The manicurist like it (she loves my polishes, I am adventurous with color she said… hehe).  I added Gosh rainbow.  The effect is cool.  At night the glitters turn reddish pink.   It is pretty.  I even updated my nails after 4 days and added some stars.  I used Bundle Monster plate and some pink star because I feel like I am a star. bweheheheh……..  Ok here are some more pictures of my disco brite nails….  And yes I think this is a perfect nails in a disco house….what with dancing lights and all.

If the label is correct....Meet L.A. girl Color brites Lillian

I think I can officially say that this is my color this summer!!! Blue....

After four days, some star stamp and 3d crystals

I like Gosh Rainbow, have I mentioned it yet? The sparcles are not similarly sized it adds grade to the nails

with some leaves on the background. Green and Blue....

And yes, I still suck in nail art......In due time I will be a pro.

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