Weekend Mini Haul

Big welcome May 2011.  I am finally free.  Done with all the reports and deadlines.  So to celebrate my freedom I did some shopping last weekend and ended with these mini haul.  I visited Landmark Makati to see whats new there.  I also want to see if elena is still there.  It is a polish line from Taiwan that is said to be eco-friendly. I have seen that polish late last  year and they even have a crack polish.  But, I made a promise not to buy any new polish for the first quarter so I am true to my promise and hold myself from buying.  I am very curious with crack polish though and it is the only crack polish I can hold and have for now.  So , after holding back I gave in and bought two.  Elena’s stall is improving, they now have nail art deco and equipments on display.  They still have the nail art kit that is worth P1700.oo and I find it expensive.  To think that  the only thing I wanted from the kit is the design guide. hehe.  So no, not unless they drop the price to perhaps 40% from the original tag then I consider buying.  I bought a lot of nail stickers there too.  They are cute and I discovered that stickers are easy to use and nice manicure enhancement after likeb three days so that your mani will look new again without totally taking it off. I also bought nail glue, I have many nail accessories that are yet experimented so I am thinking, maybe I can use this glue in the future, when I am going to play with my stones and the glitters.   Yes I am thinking of the future. hahaha. So here are the accessories I bought, aren’t they cute?

dun dun......cute litle things

look at elena polish...they are so inviting...i cant wait to try them....

I love flowers, hearts and butterfly designs...so no wonder I bought this

another flowery design....actually almost all the design I bought are flowery hehe

the cartoon character is cute....and the stickers has stones....cute


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