Misa-Blue over a boy

Hello world.  How’s your weekend?  This weekend is quite full of news.  There is the Royal Wedding, The beatification of Pope John Paul and now the announcement  that Bin Laden is dead.  I watched all news on TV.  I am curious of the Royal wedding and so I waited and watched the coverage….Duchess Kate is one lucky lady.   I also followed the coverage on the beatification of Pope John Paul.  He is famous here in our country, not because he was the pope but because he touched many lives here.  I am not really a devotee of the Pope, but I look up to him and I grow up knowing that he is our pope and I am from a family who is very religious and catholic.  My mother is a devotee of  the divine mercy which the pope founded, and I also visit adoration chapel and reflect specially if  I am in the middle of a major decision or just wanted to reflect.  Watching the beatification makes me teary eyed even I am miles away of Vatican.  Yes I am touched , I cannot Imagine if I am in that place.  Of course the ambiance would be very different, very solemn and holy.  On the other end of the news, the number one terrorist is dead.  My first reaction was thank you and then I am scared.  I hope that will be the end and no more war.  Should we be more careful now that maybe the allies will strike back…..hayzzz…So many news.   Let us pray for everybody to be safe and healthy.

Ok now for some nail story, so I have been mumbling lately that I miss my long nails, today I will  show you how short my nails are.  Finally, I am free.  So last Saturday, I found time to visit the salon for a total pampering.  I had a much needed foot spa, pedicure, manicure and eyebrow threading.  I brought my own polish.  I am wearing now Misa-Blue over a boy on my fingernails and Color Club-Chelsea on my toe nails.  They look cool.  The manicurist said that Blue over a boy is cool in the eyes.  Perfect for the sunny days.  Without further ado presenting me in Misa Blue over a boy…..Clap clap every one!!!! hehe.

Just to make sure that it is really Blue over a boy (hehe)

My cute chubby little fingers with short nails

The sun is really shining brightly when I took this picture.

Presenting the potted oregano in my balcony...This is also a medicinal plant. Good for cough.

Misa-Blue over a boy and me with the oregano

What do you think of this polish?  Did you mistake it with Zoya Yummy?  I also feel they really almost look the same……But anyways I love them both.  I left my Zoya yummy to my sister.  She is loving it.  She better be.

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  5. Sam
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 06:09:28

    Lovely color , Is this color exactly as photo or brighter or darker ? please give us an example from real life ” similar this color” , Thank you ,,


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