China Glaze Atlantis

China glaze atlantis on spotlight.  This picture was taken during my Christmas vacation in my quiet hometown, General Santos City.  Taken in the garden of  Sarangani Highlands.  It was the day my barkadas agreed to meet and spend the whole day together.  We explore the province of Saranggani and had a great time together.  We started 10am and decided to go home 10 pm.  And looking and thinking back, we just talk and talk , we updated each other  of  whats new  in our lives and our current plans.  It is a relaxed and fun day.  Whats more we ended our activity in a karaoke bar.  Hahaha yes we sing all our worries away.  I love my friends.  I know them since childhood.  They are a testimony of the quotation by Don Marquis: The most beautiful discovery true friends is that they can grow separately without growing apart.  We are all different individuals  but bonded together with love and care for each other.   That is not related to Atlantis but the beauty of this polish is also like our friendship.  Deep and beautiful.  This is two coats.  I noticed that this polish is specially pretty when there is light, sunlight or fluorescent (at night).  My nails are sparkling and glittering so I say It was perfect that I wore it during Christmas season.  The polish is easy to apply and manipulate.

The glitters is better in person. Trust me.


Another try on different background....

Atlantis really blends nicely with nature.

My girlfriends....We are friends since grade school. This in one of the resorts of Sarangani Province.

This is in Sarangani Highlands


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