Yummy by Zoya

I am late in posting and looking at these pictures makes me miss my longer nails more.  I  am so busy during the first quarter that I cut my nails really short.  I do not have time to maintain long nails.  But no worries, I am recovering now.  I am almost back to my normal routine.  It means that I will have time for my nails and some other hobbies and interest.  Uhhhmmm oh I almost forgot I am wearing Zoya Yummy.  The beautiful baby blue.  I do not know why I bought so many blue last December.  I love this though,  I maybe easy to please but I really like this.  The formula is easy to manipulate and this is three coats I think ( I am not so sure after 4 months ).  Just do not mind my application I still have to master that.  I hope my nails grow fast soon……..

The color reminds me of clouds and sky...

I miss my long nails

Yummy.....Try it and love it too

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