My Family and me in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato & me in CG Emerald Sparkle

Last weekend, I went home.  Yes, that is in General Santos City.  Manny Pacquiao’s hometown.  Anyways, General Santos is two hours away from Manila by plane.  I landed at exactly 9:30 am of October 22.  I am so happy to be home.  I am impress and more hopeful with all the improvements I saw in my City.  I can say that it is really a City now (hahaha).

But, what I will share to you is my side trip.  This is in Estares Resort in Lake Sebu.  It was just a spur of the moment decision.  My aunts in Koronadal (1.5 hours away from gensan), invited us for lunch and later on decided that we go visit lake sebu.   Off we go…..  I am quite excited because it would be my first time to go to lake sebu.  I am quite embarrass of that fact.  You see I am from there and I have not been there, and what more I saw Lake sebu featured in Living Asia.  What a shame!  So no wonder when my aunt propose that we have our lunch in Lake Sebu I said lets go automatically….

So here are some snap shots of lake sebu, my family and my NOTD and TOTD.


We are here.....Welcome to Estares Resort

the view from the entrance

the resort's yard

a boat ready to take you to see the whole lake....

view from our cottage...a fisherman

another view from our cottage

this is a Tilapia overload

Paksiw na tilapia

Chicharon na tilapia

Inihaw na tilapia

My family (aunts, uncle, mom, dad, and sis)

Yes!!! I set foot on lake sebu

I find this beautiful.....

a great background for my nails too.

taking picture outside is really better thanks for the super sunny day

This does not happen always.....Can't do this in Manila i'm sure

small colorful flowers that blends really well with my mani

and my foot as well

Have a happy long weekend everyone (for people in Philippines I mean).  Have you visited your dead love-ones or offered prayers already?



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