Villa Escudero invaded by LPCI Finance pips

This is the mode of transportation in the resort

Hello world!!!

Did you enjoy summer?  Yes I know this is a super late post  for summer, but still I have to post this.  Every summer, the company I worked to let us enjoy the sun (even though Philippines is always sunny), bond with our colleagues and have some fun.  This is a way to break the monotony of our office work.  Release some stress and the hope of having a more healthy working environment after the event.

This year, Finance division agreed to invade Villa Escudero Plantation and Resort in San Pablo City.  This place is a vast coconut plantation and founded in 1880s.  This was founded and owned by Don Placido Escudero and his wife Dona Claudia Marasigan.  This resort was opened to the public in 1981 and from then on it became a common destination among local and foreign tourists.

The location of the resort is only two hours away from Manila.  It is very convenient to visit.  The resort showcase the Philippines rich and colorful culture.  Ok, I don’t intend to bore you and to fully know what they offer you can visit their website at

So here are some snap shots when we visit the place.

What is summer if there is no pool or sea....This year we opt for pool fun.

See, Finance pipol knows how to have fun....We are not boring at all!!!

An outing is not complete without some food.....

While in line for the food, these aborigines come and invited us to watch their show later.....

Binasuan a folk dance from Visayas

Another angle of Binasuan dance

Manlalatik a joyful male folk dance from Luzon

Pandango sa Ilaw a folk dance from Luzon, This time it has light inside the glass

Another angle for the Pandango sa ilaw

Aha!!! I forgot the name of this dance....Dancers have bamboo castinet as props

Singkil a Muslim dance from Mindanao

Igorot dance from Northern Luzon

Of course I have to post in front of this. It was a Church but now it is turned into a Museum

With the very famous Philippine jeepney....Only a little bit modified for the tourist

Finally the fountain.....

What I liked in the resort is that it shows Philippines.  It is best for foreign tourist if they want to understand Philippine culture and learn some history.  The place is also best for balikbayans, specially if they want to enjoy their local cuisine that they surely miss.  When we went there, the temperature is at its peak….Burning hot….hahaha….  Me, I cannot tell that I enjoyed it very much because that time it was so humid I am very uncomfortable.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the cultural show and the food and also the bonding moments.  But, it could be better if you visit it not in summer…..Hahahha…..Or you perhaps should stay overnight so as to see both sunrise and sunset……  I will definitely come back and I will also bring my parents there but not during summer.

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