Saturday night @ Burgos Circle

Last night I meet up with my barkadas.  We agreed to meet in Rastro at Burgos Circle in Global City. The place is cozy and the most important thing is that the place is not noisy.  The best venue for talks and this kind of bonding.

We seldom see each other and when we do we make it point to have a quality time and update each other of our lives and activities.  Last night is a little extra special because Meggy is in town.  In fact that is the reason why we meet.  She is here for business and she has to squeeze her schedule to meet us.  So, every minute counts and we want to slow the time so we can talk more and cover more topics.  She has an early flight today.

Being with my barkada is like being in a spa.  It is relaxing and calming.  I can be myself.  I can tell them anything and not be judged.  They are always there as I am always there for them.  They are one the reason I am happy.  Love you gurls.

Donna and Me smiling and thinking what do we want to eat.....

Meggy: Lets water to that....hehe

Chet with hubby Niel and very pretty Pia

Paella Negro Marinara

Calamari Frita

Pisto Machego

Lengua La Casa

Lengua La Casa

Lentil Soup

Donna's dessert Green tea something icecream....really taste like green tea....hahaha

I am one satisfied lady

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