Have you tried Ear cuddling?

This week, I reached my limit for stress.  I am so tired and I need some pampering (hahaha).  So is there a better way to de-stress than to visit a spa? NONE

I remembered that I bought a smartconcept card for Asian Massage.  I go and review their brochure and this is their tag line: “Relax, unwind and drift to another world.  You deserved to be pampered.  You work hard and play hard.  Now its time to relax with a soothing massage.  Whether you are at home, tourist or just passing through.  We can indulge your desire to be pampered for an hour or two.” Really, can you read my mind.  Just what I needed now.

I called up Asian Massage in Makati and booked initially for an Aroma Swedish Massage.   The massage is perfect as expected.  I was relaxed and felt rested after.  The therapist is friendly and really knows what she is doing too. I am indeed pampered, thank you.

What I want to share to you though is my experience with Indian ear candle or ear cuddling.  Have you heard of it? or maybe tried it?  The technical term for the procedure is Thermal Auricular Ear Therapy.  I availed of the service out of curiosity and also as recommended by my therapist.  She said that it has many benefits.  She enumerated some (though these are also listed in their brochure) like 1. It reduces stress and tension 2. It clears sinus areas and nasal passages 3. Relieves headache 4. Relieves allergy symptoms 5.  Improves smell, taste, vision and hearing 6. Eases tinnitus and vertigo and lastly 7. It is said to open spiritual channel (really that benefit is included, now I have to discover what is that….hehe).  With those benefits mentioned, of course I am very intrigued…super.  I gave in and tried it myself.  When the therapist put the candle in my ear, it tickles at first.  I can really hear that something is going on in my ears hehehe.  My curiosity was satisfied and I am very relaxed after all the procedures I availed.  And yes, I will do it again next time.  I maybe make it a regular routine…..Maybe once a month.

This is how the candling is done....Minus the flowers though.....

This is the box of the ear candle...I intentionally ask the therapist to bring it home for photo op....

the box with the benefits of ear candling....I think the font is only four you need a magnifying glass to read it....

If you want to try it too you can call them at (+632) 758-2589, 728-5263, 843-4067.  Asian Massage (that I went to) is located at 18 Goldrich Mansion Bldg. 4658 Cojuanco St. cor. South Super highway, Brgy. Pio del Pilar, Makati City.  They are open 24/7.  So if you need pampering visit them anytime at your convenience.  They do not have a website (the website they put in their brochure is not functioning or maybe there is a clerical error somewhere) but maybe you can contact them through email at asianmassageph@gmail.com.  They are also catering spa party for corporate events.

The front cover of the SmartConcept card

The back portion where their address is written....Only it should be Cojuanco St.

These are the services and the corresponding prices that they offer

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