Korean TV series: Personal Taste

I have been busy lately and it follows that I cannot watch as much Korean TV series as I used too.  But I still find time to watch because it is part of me already.  Originally, I wanted to give an in-depth review and also make a summary of the series.  But then I feel that It will take me ages before I can actually finish it.  So now, I decided to just say something about it.  I will  answer these questions Why did I watched it? how does it fare?  and should you watch it? to guide me on my review.

So lets us start:

Why did I watched It?

First, I am very curious and interested about this series even before it was shown in Korea.  Second, I read somewhere that it was based on a novel and according to one blogger the novel (which is in Korean only) is good and she herself is curious how it will be translated into the series so for me good novel meaning good story.   Especially that the story will explore some gay territory which is not an open topic in Korea or shall I say that it is not as openly talked and welcomed here in my country.   Third, the lead actor is Lee Min Ho. I watched Boys over flowers where Lee Min Ho acted as Gu Jun Pyo and I am impressed with him and I wanted to see him in other projects to see how he will evolve and I am not disappointed.  Fourth, the lead actress is Son Yi Jin.  She is really pretty and I have watched many of her movies and dramas.  I like her in The classic and in Moments to remember.  I believe that she is one of the best actresses that Korea have.  Fifth,  I am curious on how good the two leads together in screen.

How does it fare?

The story is good  but in the middle part it is dragging but it is always saved by the lead couple’s fantastic chemistry.  Min Ho look so much younger than Yi Jin though, but they still look good together.  Min Ho fit the role very much.  Stylish and chic and bright.  Yi Jin also carry her character well.  She is one versatile actress.  I have seen her play sophisticated, cunning, naive, sweet and she played it all very well.  Here she played as a furniture designer.  She is pretty but she does not really care to dress up.  The story revolves around architecture, friendship, trust and love.  Min Ho here is any girls dream for a best gay friend.  I so love to have a friend like that.

Should you watch?

If you want to relax and giggle yes you have to watch this.  There are so many cute moments this couple have.   The setting is also beautiful an added bonus.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mamae
    Sep 18, 2010 @ 21:15:36

    i agree, ifyou want a light, funny entertaining serieswith easy on the eye actors/actress, this drama is for you to watch.


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