My christmas themed nails

You might ask, what am I up to lately?  Let me think for a while…….Uhmmmm well….

If I am not in the office working, I am usually at home.  I am a certified homebody (but loves to travel).  If I don’t have a planned walk to meet friends or have to go some place I just stay home.  What I am doing then with my time at home….

Lately, I am into nail polish and nail art.  I say my passion with polish was renewed.  I remembered way back in high school how colorful my nails were.  To think that it was not allowed specially during CAT formation.

It is extra difficult doing mani by yourself but well it is fun too.  I am not only expressing myself through art but I am also releasing my stress and tiredness through it (in my opinion only).  I am showing the world subconsciously what I am feeling through my color choices.  Like now my nails looks “christmas”  I feel that santa is just around.  Ok without further a do may I present my nails for the Christmas mood.  This is 3 days old by the way.

another angle please, my own version of nail art....what??! its a mess??

I am just so happy with my nails.....why not!!!

yes I used elianto polish.....its easy to use and it dries fast too

Merry Christmas world.

PS: yet to master nail photography…..working on it so please pardon my pics……

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chetsdenosta
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 14:48:13

    haha. first time ever i saw your nails this long…. congratulations! 😀 haha. right I remember those HS years – wath with matte yellow, aqua blue, black polish going around… a word of caution though, give your nails a rest at times – or it may turn yellowish and may become brittle… 😀


  2. Cheanne's World
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 12:17:04

    thanks gurl. See, I can have long nails too!!! One realization from it: It is harder to maintain long nails than long hair….lol


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