Pic spam:Barkada get together-August 30, 2010

As promised, here are the pics from our get together….Not that many after all because I did not recharged my camera (I thought it was still full).

ang subject is the yellow couch not us

And so nainggit si roy....

and then we have to take a pic in the lobby....

ala Macau.....

isa pa with tall people at the back.....

don't miss this.....

at last resty came......better late than never

korean post at the hallway....haha

We are on a budget, so this is our dinner....hehe

4 spicies chicken .... taste chinese cooking.....

Fish fillet----it was blandbeaf something....sweet ....dont like alsobeaf something....sweet ....dont like also

the waitress said this is their best seller....we tried....oki fine.....

It is not about food anyway.  Whats important is that we took time to see each other and bond.  We are always busy and on the go and Metro Manila is bog just for  bump.  Is there a better way to bond than watch movie together?  We agreed that watch sex in the city part 2 and the last song.  We like the first movie better.  Fe feel that the second part is contrived, forced just mu opinion though.  The last song is a light movie.  Hahaha I feel old cause I don’t know the lead actress!!! Hanna montana it is…..hehehe.  Overall it was a fun night.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chetsdenosta
    Sep 10, 2010 @ 14:51:05

    inggit ako…… – what else can I say?


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