Lakbay Loyola:Beijing,China (day 1)

The Imperial gardens

My travel to Beijing is very memorable.  It not only broaden my understanding of the Chinese history and culture, it was also my very first travel in a foreign land.  Beijing, awakened my desire to see other countries as well.  To experience and to see for myself how they live their life. From that trip, I realized that it is different to be physically present in the country than just read about it.  I said that because before the trip I made it a point to do some research about the country.  Then, when I am finally there, I appreciate more the information that I have read (I kind of establish the connection to the print I read and the picture presented to my eyes).

Before boarding….We are all smiles

Tic tac tic tac….soon I will be flying to Beijing

Since its my first foreign travel, I am a little bit scared.  I do not know what awaits me there.  So I decided to join our company’s bi-annual trip.  It was called Lakbay Loyola-Beijing, China.  All I did was ask for my boss’ permission and everything was taken cared of by the travel agency.  Yes, even my Visa.  It was really hassle free.  Now I only have to wait for the travel time hehe!!!

@ Xiamen airport for immigration

With Mr. Lacorte on one of the long walkators of Beijing Airport

Our official coach

And so the big day arrives!  It was April 20, 2007.  My first time to encounter the immigration officers….(in my mind so this is it…its not so complicated after all).  We fly by china southern airlines. We pass by Xiamen, China for our point of entry then proceed to Beijing.

one of the buildings we passed going to the Restaurant

Another bldg. The tour guide told us the name but I forgot it.hehe

and this

Nothing much to see on our first day in Beijing (only the buildings that we passed en-route the Restaurant) .  We arrived at around 3:00 PM, then our tour guide brought us to the original Quanjude Restaurant for our peking duck dinner (huh dinner at 3pm).  The  travel time from airport to restaurant is almost 2 hours, so oki almost time for dinner.

Dinner time

authentic Chinese food…yummy!

After dinner, we then proceed to our hotel at Jinqiao International gardens.  The weather that time is cold but tolerable. Maybe that is what they call spring breeze.  This is the end of my first day in China.

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