Star’s Lover

Korean TV series

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 20

Broadcasting Network: SBS


  • Choi Ji-Woo as Lee Ma Ri
  • Yoo Ji-Tae as Kim Chul So
  • Lee Ki Woo as Jung Woo Jin
  • Cha Ye-Ryun as  Choi Eun Young
  • Ki Tae Young as Son Ha Young
  • Choi Philip as Kang Woo Jin

My summary and review of the series:

Star’s lover is a story of a famous beautiful actress named Lee Ma Ri.  The series revolves around her world in the entertainment industry.  The drama gives us a glimpse of what is happening in their circle, how she handles controversies, scandals, intrigues and her plight on keeping her private life private.

Men pursue Lee Ma Ri, being beautiful.  The series even made a legend of Ma Ri’s captivating beauty and its effect to men.  Besides the legend told about the love affairs Ma Ri had, there are four relationships/men that are highlighted in the series. First, is Kang Woo Jin, a famous photographer and played as her first love that left her without notice. Second is Son Ha Young, a playboy and an heir to a major chaebol. Third is Jung Woo Jin who is an executive of one of the media companies and also has feelings for Ma Ri since childhood. Last and the OTP for this series is Kim Chul So, a university professor.

Le Ma Ri has an overbearing manager who thinks of her as his property her product.   Even though Ma Ri is already super popular and well loved, her manager is not contented and wanted to publish a book that is supposed to be written bu Ma Ri herself.  There starts the problem.  Her manager without consulting and conferring with her hired a ghost writer.  The ghost writer he hired is Kim Chul So.

Chul So wanted to see his patron before he starts to write.  He was then invited in a function.  There he was surprised to know that his client would be Ma Ri.  Now, he is more troubled because he knows Ma Ri to be very famous.  He excused himself from the party and battle with himself in the restroom.  He is conflicted on how he is supposed to refuse the project. He met Ma Ri on his way back to the party.  He was astounded to find that she is quite friendly.  He did not expect it from a super star.  He was confused all the way to his home.  That incident trigger him to research more about Ma Ri.  Thanks to his best friend a reporter who declared his adoration to Ma Ri, for the narration of all his love affairs.  Chul Soo even watched Ma Ri’s interview before going to Japan and mind you he did not like it.  In fact he kind of conclude that she is a big fake.

Like any other Kdramas, when Ma Ri  and Chul So first met they were like cats and dogs.  They always have different opinions on everything.  Their personalities clash and they always bicker.  While Ma Ri is polished,  sophisticated and carefree, Chulsoo is serious, stiff and have so many hang-ups (being the man of the house).  But eventually they fell for each other.  Hehe as if we don’t know…..

This is the latest Korean TV series I watched.  As in just last week (August 5 to 12).  I chose to watch it in spite of some negative reviews I have read.  I like Choi Ji-woo and Yoo Ji-tae so I decided to give it a try (and once I started a series I always finish it regardless).  And yes, as much as I love the actors the story is really dragging.  Although the visuals (for me) is really pretty.  They have done a magnificent job in capturing the actors expression and making the surroundings even more beautiful.  The tone and mood of the drama is just right, but around episode 15, I am getting sleepy.  I keep pushing the forward button of the remote.  The lead couple really look good together (thanks for that or else!!!), they have a perfect chemistry in the screen.  They really look in-love with each other, but why is it that they don’t talk about their problems?! They always find out the worst from another person or the news.  There were always misunderstandings, wrong timings, and just plain non-communication.  Although, that was normal in kdramas, I feel that Star’s lover exceeded its limit on it.  But well, I love that there are so many sweet moments for the lead couple.  I can say that this is one of the kdramas I watched that the OTP is uncontested.  Although, the series brought in many men and with intention of creating some romantic relationship with Ma Ri, they seem to become a blur compared to Chul-so (I am biased? let me be. haha).

Anyways, I like the ending (I better be!!! I was very patient with it).  It is sweet and believable.  At the end Ma Ri and Chul So gave in to their love and learned to adjust with each other.  They learned to adopt to their circle may it be with the academe or the limelight.

Should I recommend this for you to watch? It is up to you. We have different reasons in watching.  If you are a fan of the lead actors like me go watch.  If you are fond of watching simple relationship made complicated by the couple themselves go watch. If you are patient enough, go watch.

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