Mambukal Mountain Resort

Location: Barangay Minoyan, Murcia, Negros Occidental

Travel time from Bacolod: 30 to 45 minutes

Date of visit: August 8, 2010

Mambukal Mountains  Resort is a place to go when you want to breath fresh air.  It is only a short ride from the city, that is why I am envious with all my friends that are residing in Bacolod.  Imagine, when they are burned out and tired Mambukal is just minutes away for them to recharge and rebuild their energy.  The resort has many facilities to offer. Although the natural surroundings is already heaven.  I would say that the resort is not the modern and an advance type, but its beauty relies on its being natural.   There, I saw many butterflies flying freely around.  Of course I saw butterflies before, but well living in Metro Manila, I kind of forget the feeling. I also saw santan ( flower ).  What I found funny about it was, when I was young like in grade school, I remembered that santan is everywhere.  Now, I seldom see them.  Maybe its not the in plant now. (hehe) or maybe it is not fit in the city.  Whatever, I was just glad to see one again.  It kind of remind me of my childhood (although I am not that old yet)….. What we did in  the resort:  Of course we took a lot of pictures! We stroll around, we are trying to inhale all the fresh air we can, we tried their hanging bridge (it is not scary at all), do some trekking towards the first falls and just plain bonding with my long lost friends.  Anywhere with your friends is heaven (this must be true).  Our visit is short (as in like 4 hours), but I feel we achieve what we want to do.  Anyway, I can always go back and explore the place more thoroughly.  So, without farther ado here are some pictures of my Mambukal trip.

The green pathway near the Lagoon

The cabin near the lagoon

The Lagoon

Us and the lagoon

The Sulfur Spring

Caution: Boiling sulfur!

Hanging bridge

Another post while hanging….I mean on the hanging bridge

The first of seven falls

The bats of Mambukal

The first falls. I wonder how the other six looks like…Next time…

We are the ladies of the Sugarcane…

Can you see Mt. Kanlaon behind us?

Today we are free, light like a bird…Tomorrow is another story.

Actually, the last three pictures were not taken in Mambukal Mountain Resort.  We asked our driver to stop somewhere (where kanlaon is visible and plenty of sugarcane around) on the way to the resort so that we can post with the sugarcane….Bacolod can’t be called sugarland without them right.  So we believed that it is a must that we paid tribute to the sugarcane….(Regardless that this site was supposed to be off limits and private)

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