Restful Sunday

Today is Sunday.  I don’t have a big planned walk, so as any other Sundays, I woke up 6:45 AM. Get ready to hear mass and later proceed to my dentist (appointment every other week).  On the mass, the priest told us a story about his experience on Mama Mary’s intercession.  I am again in awe of Mama Mary’s “power”.  And surely, I am again attacked with guilt.  The priest remind us to pray the rosary, in my mind I really want to comply with it.  I really want it to be part of my routine, but well I seldom do it.  Then, after I hear mass I go straight to my dentist for my braces adjustment.  It lasted maybe about one and half hour. I am used to it so even if its a little bit painful it is tolerable.  Done with my teeth, time to fill my tummy.  We had our brunch in Chicken Inasal near shopwise.  May I say that it is the best inasal here in Metro Manila.  After a satisfying meal we went to shopwise to buy some supplies.  Supplies or should I say inventory.  We decided to start a mobile store.  We bought some quick and easy to eat snacks that surely will be a hit in the office (I hope this will turn up good, wish us luck).  Then after all that I am back to our house and did nothing but watch TV and brows the net.   After a while I realized that I felt rested this Sunday.  I felt that this Sunday is a little longer. That’s good right.

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