Finding Nemo @ Lemlunay


Scuba Diving… Not in my wildest dream did I think I will do it….. Sure it is in my bucket list, but actually doing it?!!!…..

I am always happy in the water.  I love the beach, the ocean and the sun.  I am so relaxed when I snorkel.  I am in heaven when I am swimming with the fishes.  My true stress reliever.   No wonder that I also would like to try scuba diving.  What’s stopping me though is that, one, I cannot swim.  Yes I know how to float  but I did not have formal lessons.  So that is the first question I asked the dive master.  Is it ok for me to dive even though I cannot swim.  He said yes and so dive I go……

Our fun dive is divided into three parts.  First is the filling out of forms and medical declaration.  Some sort guidelines on who are fit to dive and also a waiver in case something happens. Our dive master made sure that we read the guidelines and reminded us to take it seriously and be honest (on medical history).  Second is the orientation on what we are about to do.  He acquaint us with the apparatus and some important signals under water.  It was a concise lecture and really needed underwater.  The third is application of the lecture in the pool.  Of course they wanted to be sure that we understand what they thought us.  Then after we have meet their standards….We are now off to the ocean to find Nemo……

This all happen in Lemlunay Dive Resort in Sarangani Province, when I have nothing to do while on Christmas vacation.  Our dive masters are from PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors.  Knowing that, I feel safe……  After that one fun dive, I now want to have a diving license and explore more oceans of the Philippines.

Safety First

Safety First

My Guide

My Guide

Everything ok

Everything ok

Are we really going to dive?

Are we really going to dive?

Happy Three Kings World


Whew….. Its 2014 already….. Time just fly so fast.

I will take this time to greet everyone a happy new year. May this year bring us more happiness and blessings. Today is Three kings, and here in the Philippines, I think this officially closes the Christmas season….. So kids, you have till midnight to look for your ninangs and ninongs…..



Summer lovin….Fun @ Anawangin

Hello world!!!

Yes I am still alive.  I am just disconnected and very busy lately.  I really miss blogging.  So whats up????  You know what, I have many stories to tell and things to show you.  They are all in queue right now.  And mind you it is getting longer everyday.  Right now I will show you you my latest escapade that happened just last weekend.  This is the premise: Before summer ends we want to go to the beach and just relax…….

Thus off we went to Anawangin cove.  It is in Pondaquit in San Antonio, Zambales. It is one of the nearest cove and camping site in North Luzon.  Because it is a cove it is surrounded by mountains of rocks.  And what is more amazing is the tall pine trees on the beach.   It was said that it just grew there after the eruption of mt. Pinatubo in 1991.  Cool right?

Here is the summary of our trip:

Travel time:

Makati to San Antonio 4 to five hours depending on traffic.  We made it in four hours because we traveled on the wee hours of the morning.   In San Antonio Municipal Hall, precy our boat contact picked us up and we traveled another 20 minutes to Pundaquit.  It is pundaquit where we will ride the boat going to Anawangin.  That is another 30 to 45 minutes.  Precy also have tents available for rent in case you do not have one.

Things to bring:

Remember that Anawangin cove is one of the famous camping sites.  Being one, bringing tents, plastic mats, picnic blanket are essential.  I am telling you this because we did not bring any of those.  Haha.  And so we learned our lesson.  Our excuse is that we wont stay over night.  But still, It is so fun to lounge on the soft sand and read a good book and hear the ocean waves from the shore……So relaxing and cosy.

Deck of cards to pass time, food and water and plenty of stories to share with the group……

Things to do:

Relax and just chill….Enjoy the beauty of nature and recharge your energy.

Swim all you can with. The water is inviting and the waves are so exciting to tackle. When we went there it is kind of wavy and the current is strong.  But nonetheless we still had a great time in the water.

Practice photography.  Anawangin is gifted with such beautiful landscape.  Every corner is like a painting.  Why not compose your own perfect picture and let it speak volume about the place.

Summer, is really more fun in the Philippines.

Ysabel Mansion a place to stay in Puerto Princesa

Hello World!!!

I am scanning my picture archive and realized that I still did not post about this.  I thought I already did because I was so impress with their service that I already told a lot of people of their place. Hehe!! well it turned out that it was all in my mind….I just  realized that I have not post about it when a friend asked me where we stayed in Puerto Princesa……

Okay, so moving on….. Ysabel mansion is the best place to stay when you are  in Puerto Princesa.  The staff are friendly and the rooms are really clean.  There is breakfast and they do remind you of your land arrangements the night before and the  time your service will arrive and when that day arrives, they also knock on your door 15 minutes before your service arrives just to be sure you did not forget.   They also asked you what time you want your breakfast served and they also wake you up or call you when your breakfast is ready.   What else can I say? I really enjoyed my stay there.  Their location is not in the heart of the city but it worked good for us.  Anyway, any place in Puerto Princesa is just one tricycle ride away and whats more important is that  you can really relax there and get all the rest you need after all the adventure you had the whole day.  This place is very much recommended specially for budget conscious travelers that are also  particular for their safety and the place’s cleanliness.  Booking is easy.  They reply really fast.  Just visit their website here.  Their website is complete with all the information you need.  They are located in 214 Abad Santos extension.  You can also reach them in their Landline (63)(48) 723-0992, Mobile No. (63)918-4089377 / (63)929-2417797 or you can email them at Uhhmmm and yes they also picked us up from the airport and also drop us there when we left.  Complete service from start to finish.

Here are some of our pictures….You can visit their website for more pictures on their rooms.  They really look exactly those. hehe.

The Lobby

Outside the Lobby....Courtyard....

Their signage

The room we had.....There is free wifi service....

Small area to hang your wet clothes

Dots and dots inspired nails

Hello World!!!

Who have  heard the song Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow polka dot bikini?  I am sure many.  This song is usually played during Sundays.  Why did I suddenly mentioned it? It is because of my featured nail art.  I compiled these and finally made time to write about them. I wore this last December. Dotting is so basic yet when mixed and placed in strategic position they are so cute and beautiful.  I also would like to show you my dotting tools.  These tools are  so helpful and very flexible.  Colorful too.  I bought them from Nail Art Avenue. See for yourself and enjoy.

I used face shop for the base

Traffic lights is it not?

Nyx for the base. If I remembered right, this is algae.

The white dots with yellow looks like sunny side up for breakfast.

Sweet and simple

Jacorste for the base

My ever reliable dotting tools

These are very flexible tools

You can create whatever design you can imagine.....

My simple valentine nail

Hello World!!!

It is February once again.  It is the time of the year when hearts are everywhere.  The malls are full of hearts decoration.  I want to blend in.  What better way to blend than painting my nails with little hearts.  Hihi….This is my first try drawing cute hearts.  I am happy with the result.  I am definitely improving in my art.  I used orly rock candy and china glaze ruby pumps.  I used three coats of rock candy.  I like rock candy, my nails looks like a sparkling marble and it is easy to apply too.  It glides perfectly.  Look for yourself and I sure do hope that you will enjoy it….

The two featured polish

Perfect combination!!!

Orly Rock Candy

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Ready to love......

and be loved.....hehehe.....Happy heart's day everyone!!!

L.A. Rock star really rocks!

This is one of my old polish.  I bought this in Singapore. That was in 2010.  I kind of pick this up today because I am in the mood to rock.  I know this is just only one of the many rock star collection of L.A. girl.  I think this came out 2009.  Hahaha!!! See how late this post.  Still, I am sure glad I have this.  It is called supernova.  It is really superstar!!!  Enjoy.

look at the glitters....It rocks!!! This is two coats. Formula is just right. It is easy to apply for a black polish.

I love this pic!!! I took this while in the cab enroute to our dentist this morning.....

There is always something you can do....Imagine taking this pic in a cab....I know the sunlight would create this love love

Buko Halo Anyone?

This is one dessert I am craving when the weather is so humid, in the summer (everyday actually in the Philippines) and when I am home.  This is what you called buko halo.  But this  not just any buko halo, this is special and only came from Apareja Halo-halo shop.  Anyone who tried this will surely second what I said.  One tip for visitors, be sure to bring big containers, they are giving buko juice for free.  As in super fresh.  Drink all you can and some for the road.  Now, I am craving it but I have to wait till I can get home…..Oh I miss home!

You will not miss this shop. You see a lot of cars park in front and you know your in the right place.

My mother and aunt enjoying their share.....

My sister posing before digging her portion....

Me very happy.......

I am missing you.....specially now that my teeth is aching (dentist appointment just this morning for braces adjustment)

If you are enroute to Marbel from General Santos or vice versa do not miss to visit and try this for yourself......

Hello 2012

Hello World!!!

Happy 2012 everyone.  I thought 2011 was a busy year for me.  Think again!  I feel and I know that this year is  going to be more busy and for sure more surprises.  I am excited.  What else can I say but bring  it on!!!

Nail Art (Christmas): Blue sparkle

Hello World!!!

Another long weekend for us this week.  I am not complaining, I actually love it.  It is a perfect time to recharge and relax.  A time to do one happy activity for me.  That is nail painting and making an attempt in creating wonderful nail art.  I want to have a theme this time.  That is Christmas.  It is one season that is most festive, happy and colorful in the Philippines.  It starts as early as September and ends after three kings.  It is a time of many family reunions and gathering.  A time to reconnect with old friends and also celebrate with recent  acquaintances.  No question that it is really a happy time.

I am meaning to post about my recent travel adventures, but I do not know why it is taking me so long in organizing and grouping my pictures (there is so much, mind you!).  So for the mean time I will just share to you my Christmas themed nails.  I call it Blue sparkle.  Christmas season is always  sparkling and so that is a cue for me to bring out my glitters and use it.  If you can notice my left and right hands have different design.  That is because I am experimenting.  I did my left hands first and I put flowers.  Then on my right hand I said why not make it look line a nectar.  Hehe…..Ok here is it and enjoy.

Materials Used

Nail art brush and dotting tool


If there is such a thing as silver poinsettia

Improving and loving it!!!

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